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Can’t Believe I’m 90

Inge David receiving an ESRA Volunteers Award in 2016

A clear lovely morning in mid-July

I wake up happy, well rested and spry

Ready to start a brand new day

When a voice in my head is starting to say

Today you're 90

I had, of course, never been 90 before

A sobering thought, went right to my core

It happened so quickly, it makes no sense

And I become a bit nervous and tense

I can't believe I'm 90

What must I do? What's expected of me??

Must I behave any differently??

I'm NOT in my 80's anymore

Will life be the same as it was before

I turned 90?

I still don't know how I should feel

Is this a dream or - is it real??

Perhaps someone made a mistake

A little misprint is all it would take

But no, it's true, I'm 90

My hearing's not great, the steps now seem to be higher

I've shrunk quite a bit, my hair has gone grayer

I sit on 3 cushions when I drive

But it's such a great feeling to be still alive

At 90

I keep busy and active, go to work, volunteer

For Hadassah, ESRA, Leket, I love it, that's clear.

I lead exercise classes in a retirement home

I could never find time to sit and moan.

Just because I'm 90

I have no real reason to complain

I feel quite well, don't have too much pain

My legs are not happy but I can walk

My head still functions and I can talk

About being 90

I'm certainly blessed, that much I know

Can drive my car easily to and fro

I go to exercise classes in the pool and on land

Always try hard, never say that, "I can't"

Though I'm 90

I have the best children, love them and their spouses

Am welcome to visit in each of their houses

My 6 grandchildren are the love of my life

With the help of their hugs I continue to thrive.

My special great grands are brilliant and sweet

A family like mine just can't be beat.

It's great to be 90

So I thank you, dear Lord, for all I can do

Cleaning and shopping and entertaining too

I'm ever so grateful for family and friends

And for the love which the good Lord sends

To me at 90

Still it's hard to believe I'm really so old

These years which are called our "Years of Gold"

I try to make each day special and fun

And perhaps, might I even make it

To 91??

It's now three months exactly since that big birthday and it's slowly sinking in; it's just that NO one in my family reached this age - I have no example to follow so have just decided to take each day as it comes and continue to do what I did before - teach my exercise classes, visit the sick (I now have three to visit on a regular basis), do volunteer work and take care of my home and take care of me with the help of the One Above. 

Inge David taking an exercise class at the Vera Salomons Retirement Center, Kfar Saba

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