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Ilanna S. Mandel
"I received my copy of ESRA Magazine #211 December 2021 and it's gorgeous."

Ilanna S. Mandel
Debbie Sinai | Moshav Herev Leet
"Magazine 'is on a par with People or Vogue'
You do an excellent job creating ESRAmagazine. I would put it on the same level as People, or maybe Vogue!"

Andee Gold | Netanya
Andee Gold | Netanya
I am continuously enjoying the ESRA magazine, and am thoroughly enthralled with the wide range of subjects in the articles."
Debbie Sinai | Moshav Herev Leet
Akiva Hertzfeld | Modiin-Maccabim-Reut
"I enjoy reading the ESRAmagazine and its many wonderful stories about life in Israel."

Akiva Hertzfeld | Modiin-Maccabim-Reut
Mike Porter | Tel Aviv
"I must mention that the ESRAmagazine is one of the best I have ever seen and read - I said so at my first encounter with it, and I'll mention it again and again."

Mike Porter | Tel Aviv
Lydia Aisenberg | Mishmar HaEmek
"The magazine is absolutely fantastic, and I hear so many positive comments from people about the editing, contents and quality of production. I so appreciate the professionalism not only of the magazine but of the organization you worked so hard to create and develop and continue to encourage others to follow suit."
Lydia Aisenberg | Mishmar HaEmek
Heidi Goldsmith
"This is a fantastic newsletter— and an impressive organization!!!
The personal stories, combined with the organizational mission and its programs are both here, without boasting. Kol Hakavod"
Heidi Goldsmith
Stephen Schulman Ramat Hasharon
"I am most happy to contribute towards this great publication whose content is varied and interesting and whose aesthetics are a pleasure to the eye. Hats off to you all."
Stephen Schulman | Ramat Hasharon
Ruth Sobol Ramat Efal
"Many thanks for the amazing 200th issue and souvenir facsimile of the very first issue. As always it is full of wonderful articles and the section dedicated to the history of the magazine itself is a fascinating reminder of the importance of your work to improve the lives of the disadvantaged struggling to survive within our society. Your contribution to this worthy cause is a remarkable testament to what a small but determined group can achieve against all odds. Kol HaKavod!"
Ruth Sobol | Ramat Efal
Ruth Beloff May 2019
"It is truly admirable that you produce such an impressive magazine based solely on voluntary initiatives.
It’s not surprising that Steve Linde thought your writers and editors were paid personnel.
Kol hakavod! "
Ruth Beloff May 2019

“I am an avid reader of magazines both national and international but can state unequivocally that none come close to covering the variety of subjects that have resonance to one’s life experiences both great and less so good in this wonderful country. Thank you for the excellent quality and professionalism and may you continue to go from strength to strength in the next 40 years.”

Stephen Vishnick
Fonda Dubb
" Your magazine is so diverse, such interesting articles, and humorous! Easy to read and pick up where you left off, or find another article just as easily. A bit of everything. ...Continue spreading the “word” and “content” of the ESRA Magazine, which brings us all so much pleasure."
Fonda Dubb', Eilat
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