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How Am I Aging?

I refer to the article in the July 2022, No. 213 ESRA Magazine - Am I Aging? Well yes, of course, I'm aging otherwise I'd no longer be here. BUT, the REAL question should be, "HOW am I aging?" 

How am I aging? let me count the ways,

All you need do is look at my face;

Look closely at me and, what do you see?

A little old lady just turned ninety-three.

I've a face full of wrinkles, I've earned every one

They're proof of all the living I've done.

I've two wonderful children, six grands who're the best

Four delightful great grands who make up the rest.

Though walking's now hard and I tend to slouch

When I try to move briskly the body says "ouch"

I've got a bad back and knees in some pain

But I've no time to kvetch and dare not complain.

And that's all on the outside, that's not what's within

I know where I'm going and I know where I've been

My days are structured, I've a weekly routine

Which I follow exactly week out and week in.

I'm not bored, I'm not lonely, there's too much to be done

My life has been blessed and I'm having fun.

I shop and I sew, I cook and bake too

Hardly manage to achieve all I set out to do.

Still lead exercise classes twice every week

Keeping my clients healthy is what I seek

I continue to drive my little yellow car

Though no longer when it's dark and not very far.

At the Country Club I work out, that's the rule

On the floor of the gym as well as the pool

I keep myself active and I keep myself fit

Am much on the move, no time to just sit.

Each day brings new blessings in so many ways

Surprises and challenges, interesting days,

Perhaps new adventures are waiting for me,

I'm ready to be the best I can be.

Volunteering has always been important to me

Give one day each week to Leket - Israel religiously

It gives a good feeling fresh produce to pack and to share

With those whose cupboards and shelves are bare.

Bikur Cholim on Tuesday every week

For shut-ins, the lonely whose days are so bleak

I try to bring sunshine, a smile to their day

And a sweet goodie to help chase the blues on their way.

And, of course, there is ESRA with whom my time I share

Volunteering with activities about which I deeply care

Started by amazing Merle this organization has become

Ever bigger and better till it's second to none.

I'll continue hosting a Thanksgiving crowd as long as I'm able

Family and friends around my huge dining room table.

I'm grateful each morning for the gift of a new day

And pray that good feeling will be with me always.

So how am I aging? As far as I can tell

I am, thank G-d, aging





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Monday, 22 April 2024

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