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Our Authors

Herb Hahn was from the Bronx, New York. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from City College of New York. He spent 36 years in advertising in the U.S. before he retired as vice president of sales for a leading radio station rep firm. He came out of retirement two more times to sell advertising research and then direct mail advertising before he came to live in Israel in 2006. 

His volunteering work has included driving patients for the American Cancer Society; being sent out to synagogues and religious schools to collect big donations and give a thank you speech by the American Magen David Society; American representative for Ethiopian Charities in Israel - ESRA Community Fund, Herzliya, Forgotten People Fund Netanya, Keren Olim Netanya; entertaining seniors in the States and Israel and ESRA Befrienders.

He loves bridge, book discussions, walking, music, dance and gourmet dining.

They Left it All Behindby Hannah HahnPaperback. 269 pag...
Medallion man ... Herb Hahn is the proud owner of an Endymion necklace

Mardi Gras is a festival and celebration amongst Catholics, ...
Bourdain’s famous tell-all book

 It was back in the early 1970s that a group of my frie...
Lovers ... Maurice Chevalier and Marlene Dietrich (Photo: Flickr)

Poster for the Dietrich-Chevalier show

How fight against Nazis strengthened movie stars' special bo...
An Itzhak Perlman Klezmer album

Alicia Svigals

Clarinetist David Krakauer

 Klezmer music thrived in the Jewish world prior to Wor...
Sherwood Schwartz ... grew up in The Bronx, New York

Playbill signed by Alec Baldwin

Playbill signed by Michael Baryshnikov

TV favorites... The Brady Bunch (left) and Gilligan’s Island were the brainchild of Sherwood Schwartz

Sherwood Schwartz was the creator of two U. S. television hi...
Len Sirowitz sketching at a San Miguel art course

A praying mantis in stained glass

Hats and baskets for sale in the market

All that glitters . . . pieces of jewelry made by Herb Hahn

The three Amigos in San Miguel de Allende (from left) Irwin Levenson, Herb Hahn and Stan Goldberg

Our friends Vivienne and Irwin kept raving about San Miguel ...

 My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in The Promised Land By...
The cover of Herb Hahn’s copy of the cassette of The Spy Went Dancing by Aline, Countess of Romanones

It was the summer of 1971. Lenore, my BW (beautiful wife) an...
Howard H Schack ... the one person you would least suspect of being a spy

Schack’s award-winning book A Spy in Canaan which was first published in 1995

My friend Howard H. Schack, an extraordinary human being, pa...
The lobby of the Chelsea Hotel in New York’s Manhatten Photo: Historystuff2 via Wikimedia Commons

Chelsea Hotel Photo: Beyond My Ken Own Work–Wikepedia Commons

Artist Andy Warhol

Playwright Arthur Miller

Author Gore Vidal

Over the years, the Chelsea Hotel, with its big, red neon li...
Jon Hamm as Don Draper in the acclaimed TV series Mad Men Photo: Ohmin 0 Aka Trevor from

Herb Hahn pictured during his time working in advertising on New York’s Madison Avenue

Jerry Pickholz with Menachem Begin in Israel Sept 1979

Top U.S. art director Len Sirowitz stands in front of some of his memorable ad campaigns of the 1960s

It's been one of the hit TV series of the past decade. Mad M...
Artisan Giorgio Filicamo with the writer’s wife, Lenore Hahn (left) and Sonia Dorfman, a customer from Hong Kong. Above the door, the Shema in Hebrew.   Photo: Herb Hahn

Located between the towns of Amalfi and Salerno, above the A...
Haya Samir ... her father encouraged her to promote fraternity and peace

April 23, 2015 - Independence Day. Lenore (my lovely wife) a...
Moe Berg in his baseball playing days

Moe on a Big League Chewing Gum card Photo:

Moe Berg in World War II with Colonel Howard Dix of the OSS Technical Section. The OSS was the forerunner of the present CIA. Photo:

For those of you who prefer to read Moe's biography, Nichola...

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