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Wendy Blumfield was born in London. There she started a career in publishing and feature writing but when she moved out of the city she completed London University extramural studies in Social Psychology and trained with the National Childbirth Trust to teach and counsel pregnant women and new parents.

In 1974 she came to live in Israel from Fleet, Hampshire to Haifa with her husband and four small children. 

In Israel she co-founded the Israel Childbirth Education Center, trained new counselors and started working both in her private studio, Rambam Hospital and in community centers.  She co-ordinated the childbirth preparation courses for the Students Union at the Technion.

Parallel to this, she continued writing freelance for Israeli and overseas journals. Her book, "Life After Birth – Everywoman’s Experiences of the First Year of Motherhood," was published in the UK, translated into Spanish and Russian, and her anthology, "The Soldiers` Mother", was published in Israel by Bibliobooks. She has been writing poetry all her life in extreme situations of joy and stress and is on the Board of Voices Israel Group of Poets in English.

Her late husband David was a retired computer systems analyst and she has eleven grandchildren.

Voices workshop in Tsfat at the home of Yehudit and Reuven Goldfarb.

Susan Rosenberg, Voices veteran secretary and John Michael Simon, former designer and producer of the Voices anthologies at a workshop

National President Judy Koren L. with Haifa member Iris Dan, R. a winner of the Reuben Rose competition

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Room with a phew!

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The exterior of the synagogue at Rosh Pina

Waiting for the film and guided tour at Dubrovin Farm

Peter Isacovitz playing one of his hand-made wooden instruments

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The water tower at Kfar Yehoshua museum of the Hijaz Railway

Co-founders of the Elroi NGO: Nathan Ben-Haim (left) and Nachum Levy, our guide

Hearing about the Templer buildings at Bethlehem of the Galilee

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Nahal camp at Korazin on the northern shore of the Kinneret – building the infrastructure of Moshav Almagor

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