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Milestones 207

Dame Shirley Porter on her 90th birthday
Maureen & Jack Hoch

On your granddaughter
Sharona & Ari Bick
Nina & Mervin Zuck
On your grandson
Penny Pulik, on Lavi, son of Guy & Riki
Nina Reshef, on Michael
Razel & Jonathan Rabinowitz
Lynn & Michael Sacks
On your great granddaughter
Rosie & Hillel Bick
Susan Kurnedz
Rivka & Aaron Walles
On your great grandson
Pamela and Murray Figov

On your son
Maureen & Jack Hoch
On your grandson
Edith Dinar, on Dolev to Or Cohen
Peter Stern, on Ori to Karin
On your granddaughter
Annette & Roger Lavender
on Shachar to Yehoyada
Esmin & Benny Barolosky

Esmin Barolsky | 86th
Henry Gild | 80th
Shirley Porter | 90th
Penny Pulik | 70th
Moshe Zuckerman | 80th
Leah Newstead | 80th
Smoky Simon | 100th

Myra Berger, wife of Sammy
Jossie Faktor, husband of Barbara
Kay Golding
Yoram Harel, husband of Barbara
Michal Lapid Enzilberg, daughter
of Riwa & Ron Lapid
Sara Plehn, daughter of Renee Marks
Jean Ullman, mother of Nadine,
Lauren, Michelle & Darrel

Caroline Simon on being a recipient
of the Ben-Gurion University
of the Negev Award 2020 for
Life Achievement.


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Sunday, 21 April 2024

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