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Milestones 202

Solly Meltzer turned 90 on Simchat Torah. Here he is in Gallery Lauren, his curiosity antique shop, on 83 Sokolov Street in Ramat Hasharon, where he has worked for the last 35 years.

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On your daughter
Emily & Tal Achdut, on Yaara Geula
On your son
Rosa & Ravid Assash, on Dror Chaim
Elsa & Jonathan Hoch, on Lavi
On your granddaughter
Denise & Chaim Cohen, on Yaara Geula
On your grandson
Denise & Chaim Cohen, on Dror Chaim
Maureen & Jack Hoch, on Lavi
Marian & Laurence Lebor, on Alon
Liz & Terry Morris, on Kai
On your great granddaughter
Channi & Bernard Hurwitz, on Devorah Vivien Lehrer
On your great grandson
Judy Frankel
Hilary Meir, on Ayal Yonatan
On your grandson
Cecily & Avraham Hanson
On your granddaughter
Marise & Adrian Gordon, on Tamar
On your granddaughter
Trudy & Ian Stowe, on Roni to Ben Levy
On your son
Sheli & Lior Angel, on Nadav to Mor Yitzhaki
On your granddaughter
Vivien Lehrer, on Rachely Doreen & Willie Malkinson, on Aviya Chatuka to Ranen Shemesh
Solly Meltzer | 90th
Mike Porter | 86th

ESRA extends our deepest sympathies to the families of:
Sandra Darby Apperman 
Haim Ben Yehuda, husband of Joanna, father of Daniel, Ruth & Sharon
Gabriella Silber Baker, wife of Mark, mother of Levi and Matan, daughter of Diane and Alan Silber
Joe Bicaco, brother of Dolly Rosen
Helen Brooks, mother of Linda Sherrington
Lee Diamond
Dora Evans
Hilary Gatoff
John Hanauer, husband of Jackie
Issy Hass, husband of Maureen, father of Ryan & Marcel
Channi Hurwitz, wife of Bernard, mother of Chaya and Simone
Melvyn Jurgrau
Doris Kassel
Audrey Wills, mother of Miriam Crosbie
Allan Marks, husband of Marilyn
Ronnie Sassoon, husband of Eve, father of Julia Feuer and Adam Sassoon 
Jack Sher, husband of Sally, father of Daniel, Ruth and Sharon 
Denis Weintraub
Ranen Shemesh weds Aviya Chatuka, granddaughter of Doreen and Willie Malkinson


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Tuesday, 05 March 2024

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