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TEL AVIV resident Michael Gal received a very special birthday card to mark his 100th birthday recently . . it came from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Of course, Michael is no stranger to queens, kings or knaves as he’s a regular bridge player – and bridge champion – at the The Kikar HaMedina Bridge Club.
Queen Elizabeth's greeting card. The inscription says: “Congratulations and best wishes to you for such a special occasion.”

Please share with ESRA readers your celebrations - Births, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Marriages, Condolences.

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On your son
Oranit & Ilan Kazin

On your grandson
Beverly & Alan Caplan, on Leo
Betty Kazin Rosenbaum

On your great grandson
Rachel & Derek Pentol

On your great granddaughter
Betty & Ed Wolfe (2 great granddaughters), born to granddaughters to Yael & Daniella


On your grandson
Janet Kiesari, on Gal


Lila Cohen |90th
Mike Gal | 100th
Valerie Kantor | 75th
Lilyrose Michalowsky | 85th
Zeev Rafaely | 80th
Simonne Ram |80th
Cynthia Shapiro | 80th

ChaFreda Lanesman


Rhonda Abramson to Stuart Livingston

On your son
Shari & David Mendes, on Sam to Adi Levi

On your granddaughter
Zara & Stephen Provisor

On your grandson
Razel & Jonathan Rabinowitz

On your great grandson
Cynthia & Stanley Shapiro


Ruth & Zeev Abraham | 50th
Elaine & Stanley Finkelstein | 51st
Tay & Anthony Green | 25th
Marion & Harry Hiller | 61st
Rennie & Zeev Rafaely | 50th


Paul Bernstein
Leah Esterson


50 Years in Israel
Meira & Jack Applebaum
Jennia Ganit Chodorov
New positions in Telfed
Batya Shmukler | Chairperson
Robby Hilkowitz | Vice Chair
Steven Flax | Treasurer


ESRA extends our deepest
sympathies to the families of:

Judith Cohen
Sheila Fox, wife of the late Michael Fox
Melvyn Frieze
Lydia Granot, mother of Agnon Granot & Dafna Moran
Alec Greenspan, brother of Shirley Kantor
Ruth Gvosdin, wife of Avi (Arne), mother of Naomi, David & Dan
Gerry Israelstam, uncle of Pat Zuckerman, Toni Ziv, Jeff Wortreich, Len Israelstam's family
Basil Lotzof, husband of Edith
Bob Maharam
Jean Mouchly, wife of Joshua, mother of Ilan, grandmother of Maya, Noga & Leah
Alayne Marx, sister of Maureen Hass
Rabbi Shabtai Rubel, father of Yael
Dr. Allan Nestadt
Fay Sendzul
Ada Fried Young, mother of Marcia Young
Dr. Aubrey Zabow



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Monday, 29 May 2023

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