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ETP Essay Winner Talia Kadosh

I am thrilled that Talia Kadosh, one of my 17-year old ESRA English tutoring program pupils at the Or Akiva girls high school, Ulpanit Amit, was one of the three 1st prize winners of an Israel national essay competition for youth.

Talia (left) wrote about the life and work of the famous Viennese psychotherapist, Viktor Frankl. The essay was in Hebrew so I cannot claim any influence except that we do discuss topics generally.

Says Talia: "I got to know Viktor Frankl through his popular book Man's Search For Meaning. The book was really talking to me
because it was written based on Holocaust experiences. Frankl explains that giving meaning to a person will be reflected in setting goals and believing in a person's positive potential – a concept I identify with. As soon as people embrace and apply this concept, their lives may change for the better. That's why I think Dr. Frankl needs to get more recognition."

The ESRA Tutoring Program at Ulpanit Amit is run by Ros Jacobs. Ros is joined in running the ETP program for the ESRA Five Towns English tutoring by Bebe Jacobs. 

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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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