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Lucille Cohen was born and educated in Leeds, UK. Her undergraduate, postgraduate degrees and Honorary Research Fellows are from the University of Manchester. She is a former President of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region; former President of the Zionist Central Council of Greater Manchester; Member of the Jewish Leadership Council; delegate, Board of Deputies of British Jews. Lucille was a visiting lecturer in the Department of Middle East Studies and taught from 1990-2001 in the University Center for Continuing Education specializing in the history and archaeology of Jerusalem and the cross-cultural influences of mediaeval Spain. She writes occasional newspaper columns and has worked as a journalist on The Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish Gazette. She was acting editor of The Holyland (a Jerusalem fortnightly publication) and has edited academic work for the Hebrew University. She came to live in Israel with her husband in March 2014.

I am thrilled that Talia Kadosh, one of my 17-year old ESRA ...
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Synagogue pillars used as a defensive wall

Steps to the mikvah at Magdala

Menorah on Magdala Stone

The short paperback Jewish Magdala: The Pompei of Galilee wa...
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Mimi Semuha (left) and Jane Krivine, two of the ESRA committee members

By Lucille Cohen and Jane Krivine Book lovers in the Five To...
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Omer Singer, aged ten, presents Klezmer musician Bernie Marinbach with a bouquet of flowers

Klezmer music from Bernie Marinbach, Aharon Gnipek and Gregory Lev

Gabriella Fulda ... overall winner of the contest

At the podium (from left) Renee Singer, Mayor of Raanana Haim Broide, Dr Ilana Blumberg, Marian Lebor, Shlomo Liberman

ESRA representatives at the podium (from left) Baruch Tanaman, Merle Guttmann, Carol Novis, Judy Shapiro, Glenis Bertfield

Guests gather at the reception in the Arts Center, Raanana, before the presentation of awards in the ESRAmagazine Short Story Contest

Story board ... catching up with winning tales

Photos: Yoav Cohen, Ilan Hirschowitz, Denis Kaliser, Ma...
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Speaker Robin Froumin

The fascinating image of a sea plane landing on the Sea of G...
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It was such a delight to see the collected 70 facts about Is...
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The children celebrating Lag Ba’Omer with Polly

Judah and the Shavuot parade

Young gardeners with Simone

 What do you expect when you walk into a lively kinderg...
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On the beach 1934 (from left) Frieda Konrad’s second wife, pet dog Struppi and daughters Margot and Hanna.

Vera Wallerstein

Dr Stephen Muir

Konrad Wallerstein

Franz Wallerstein

The feature from the last issue of ESRAmagazine which prompted Vera to find out more

Just imagine the fascination aroused when ESRAmagazine reade...
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E.Z. Rinsky with his dog Yeled, a Canaan breed. Photo: Rita Zimmerman

Somehow, you don't really expect the author of a dark psycho...
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Serbia: The Umbrella Repairman by Zuzana Veresky, 2014

Gallery artistic director Natalie Tiznenko

GINA Gallery founder and CEO Dan Chill with executive assistant Chen Waxman

Argentina: Eduardo Ungar’s Cakes and Heart, 2008

It has to be admitted that there's not too much current art ...
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Dr Menahem Alcalay in his surgery in Haifa

So there I sit with the good doctor, two small but heavy met...
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Dr. Gillian Braunold: Dedicated volunteer doctor who runs the contraception clinic

Inside Terem, where Dr. Gillian Braunold works

It proved to be an insightful interview with volunteer Dr. G...
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Everyone knows the seasoned thespian's motto: "never work wi...
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Here to help . . . public clinic staff in Reception

I watch as the young Eritrean woman in her mid-20s, sitting ...
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Recipe for success ... husband and wife team of Anette and G...
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