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“English is Fun” at Hefzibah

Volunteer Frank Taylor with some of the students in Hefzibah

Frank Taylor is one of our special volunteers who, over the past few years, has undertaken to take two groups of our kids from the Students Build a Community Project in Hefzibah and coach them in English in a really fun way. Frank tutors 8 kids in 2 groups with the help of their student mentors. I'd like to share Frank's last report to me which is as real as it gets:


The girls were a bit exuberant last week - in fact, I would say uncontrollable - but after yesterday's lesson, they each sent me a letter of apology. I won't tell you what else they wrote!

We mustn't neglect them. We must try and put right what was put wrong.

Each child blossomed in his/her own way.

The hyperactive gradually began to de-hyper.

The shy came out a little.

The boys who started with a "how am I supposed to know" attitude, came out with amazing answers when they began to think. One even 'miscalculated' his age in order to attend.

One kid even tried a few Yiddish words on me every week - as his best friend's parents speak in Yiddish at home. Just imagine talking Yiddish in an English lesson to an Ethiopian child!

If I thought that I went into the small classes on a high, I certainly left on one. There is so much to do.

G-d bless the kids and bless Nina Zuck too for giving me this opportunity.

PS we are looking for a volunteer nutritionist to help some of the pupils stay a healthy size.


Frank presented certificates to the kids at his last lesson, and the photos show how they love him!

This kind of volunteering is so important to the kids in the distressed areas. They feel the love and attention they get and it does wonders for their self-confidence (and for their English!).

Thanks Frank – you've been terrific. 



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Saturday, 10 June 2023

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