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Youth Giving to Youth

Photos by Eliran Moyal

The Volume Music Center in Netanya is supported by the ESRA Netanya Branch. It is situated in East Netanya and integrates youth from all the neighborhoods in the area.

Lital Yunis – singing for Sunrise
On the drums – Hen Tovi

The group of teenagers were asked to come up with an initiative to volunteer to help other children. The matter was given much thought and the result was an amazing concert that they recently performed.

Their aim was to collect funds for a very special summer camp for children suffering from cancer. The Sunrise Camp takes place every year in Even Yehuda and is one of the few summer camps for both the ill children and their siblings together.

The youth at the center decided to put on a special concert to collect funds to support this camp. Through their efforts (with a little help from the adults of course), they secured an MC who was one of the stars in Big Brother, a professional DJ, a professional singer, the sound system and the Kiryat Hasharon Auditorium all giving their time, expertise and the venue for free. They practiced hard for several weeks and put together a really exciting show on the night, charging NIS 20 a seat and almost selling out the 320 seat auditorium.

Oded Beylin the star dancer.

The show opened with a few songs by the professional singer "BZB" (yes, that's his stage name), followed by a speech by the Sunrise Foundation Director and a very moving video of the last camp which took place three years ago (due to Covid). Then followed a really lovely hip hop dance by our Hefzibah girls and songs by all of the Volume Center youth. They are really great and improve all the time. Their confidence and desire to excel is exciting. The audience went crazy and the noise was deafening!

The show ended with a breakdance by the dance star of Volume. ESRA Netanya was top of the "thank you" list and we can feel so proud of what we are doing in this Center.

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