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Stephen Schulman came to live in Israel in 1969. He retired in 2012 after 42 years of English teaching. He lives in Ramat Hasharon and keeps busy with Aikido, photography, reading to catch up on his ignorance, cycling, babysitting grandchildren and other assorted hobbies to keep him occupied and consequently out of the clutches of the law.

The Herring Eaters of Katwijk

The best way to get around Amsterdam

A weekday cruise through the locks

Windmills at the Zaanse Schans park

Stephen Schulman: The Dutch version of “Too big for his boots” is “Too small for his clogs!”

Lunch break on the beach at Zandvoort

Holland is renowned for many things; amongst them are its ch...
For many years, I served as a senior examiner for the nation...
Before going out to the orchards for the morning citrus picking, Brian Kaplan and Stephen Schulman, with the ‘infamous’ Flash, relax on the kibbutz lawns

 The morning of the 2nd February 1969 dawned. Amongst a...

Fresh from the oven ... Stephen Schulman and his baking

The good old days ... Stephen Schulman’s brother Robert with his Mom Evelyn and their aunt Ada in the backyard of their home in Wellington

An article on bread baking in the lifestyle section of The J...