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A group of ESRA volunteers participated in the "world's bigg...
Best foot forward ... climbing to the Upper City at Tzippori

Mosaic ... the Mona Lisa of Tzippori

Ongoing excavations at Tzippori

The ESRA group at the tomb of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, Bet She’arim

Over 40 people, hailing from Haifa in the North to Kfar Saba...
Dr Sheinfeld ... a top valve surgeon

There was a large crowd at Yad LeBanim in Raanana to view th...
Let’s go ... music lovers all set to board the bus to Eilat Chamber Music Festival. Photos this page: Adina Rinat

The sound of music ... enjoying one of the informal gigs at the festival

A chat in Eilat ... (from left) Meira Applebaum, Fonda Dubb and Glenis Bertfield

There we were standing at a bus stop so early in the morning...