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Pessy Krausz grew up and was educated in England, having fled Germany as a small child with her parents. Married with three sons, she trained as a social worker and organisation development consultant.  When she made Aliya with her family in 1975, Pessy began working for the Ministry of Welfare and Social Work in the Department of Research and Development. Seeing the need for preventing family breakdown, she founded Shalshelet, Enhancing Relationships Centre. There, engaged and newlywed couples enjoyed workshops and making friendships while gaining communication skills. She later expanded the centre to include counselling for singles. 

As a qualified psychotherapist, Pessy researched concepts linking childhood experience and adult stress management. This was the focus of her PhD, gained in 2008. Family and friends were a great support when Pessy was widowed in 2014. 

One of the recent outcomes of the Corona pandemic has been her writing articles and poems, many of which have been published. It is most encouraging that readers tell Pessy what they mean to them, though her proud family is still rather astonished at her most recent development!

 He was my childhood friend – our parents too were such...