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Our Authors

Marian Lebor came to live in Israel from London in 1994 with her husband and their three children. She has a degree in History from Queen Mary College, University of London, and is a freelance writer, editor and film-maker. She writes for various publications in Israel and abroad. For many years she wrote a regular column about everyday life in Israel for the Anglo-Jewish newspapers the Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News. She co-authored Culture Smart! Israel, a practical guide to Israeli culture and society. She compiled and edited a 300-page book about North West London Jewish Day School, and edited Memories That Won’t Go Away, a book about the children of the Kindertransport. A member of ESRAvision, Marian co-produces short films for a variety of organisations.

Dr. Debra Gershov West ... on the front line

Cast your mind back to life BC – Before Coronavirus - when w...
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 I've just finished a long editing assignment and I'm e...
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Daisy pictured in Marienbad in 1936

The 1939 letter offering Daisy a home in ‘cold’ Sunderland

Daisy’s precious scrapbook ... she is pictured third from the left in the photo taken in Adath Yisroel School, Berlin, in September 1935

 "Everyone in tears, little children grasping their mot...
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Five cyclists from Israel at the start in Berlin: Daniel Cavenor, Richard Szental, Laurence Lebor, Paul and Nadav Alexander

Prince William listens as Henry Foner, another Kindertransport survivor, tells him his story

Prince William meets Paul Alexander at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

Making tracks . . . Paul Alexander and his son, Nadav, on the bike ride

The writer’s husband, Laurence Lebor, crosses the finishing line in London

 This November it will be 80 years since the Nazi pogro...
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Long in the SleuthBy Carol Novis Published by Createspace, 2...
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Photos: Sabrina Speaker and Karen Maoz

Karen Maoz and her challot (above)

Supermarket checkout ... Karen's regular Wednesday shop

Karen’s daughter, Arielle, with a tray of delicious freshly baked challot

 Every Thursday night, Karen Maoz sets her alarm for 03...
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A re-enactment of the moment when shot Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is rushed into hospital ... a scene from the new docudrama Rabin, the Last Day

Yitzhak Rabin (

Yitzhak Rabin with Shimon Sheves Photo by Nachoom Assiss-Wikimedia Commons

On the evening of Saturday November 4, 1995, my family arriv...
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The high holidays are almost upon us and Israel's bicycle st...
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A close up of the ugly carrots

Story and Photos by Marian Lebor It's a constant challenge f...
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