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Elizabeth Levi Senigaglia was born and lived in the United States. Her studies were completed at the City University Graduate Center; and several summers at Yad Vashem seminars. She was an independent researcher specializing in Italian Jewry during the Shoah while simultaneously working in Jewish philanthropy and raising her family. The most interesting areas of her research, says Elizabeth, “found me traveling to Poland, Lithuania, Central Europe and very often Italy and Israel for archival material”.

In addition to doing research, Elizabeth enjoys archeology and has "dug" a few times in Israel. Her other activities include being an Italian buff and swimming in Lake Kinneret. In 2007 she and her husband decided to fulfill their dream of coming to live in Israel although this was extremely difficult since it meant leaving family including grandchildren. They bought an apartment in Tiberias from where says Elizabeth, “we see the Kinneret each day and the grave of Rabbi Akiva; a happy choice of location”.

Elizabeth flies to America during the year because missing loved ones is difficult for her.

Detail of “Three Angels on the Balcony in Jaffa” — Oil on Canvas, 1996

The artist in his studio

Sharir with “Little Paradise in the Red Sea” — Oil with Gold Leaf

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Amos Guetta, one of the leaders of the Libyan Jewish community, in the Beit El Synagogue in Piazza Bologna, Rome

Beit Knesset Beit El interior, Givat Olga

Enjoying a helping of mafrum

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The garden’s waterlily pool

Two views of Botanical Gardens baby baobabs

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President Pertini (left) listens as Bernardo Grosser reads inscription. On the right: Iso Doron, who was saved by DELASEM in 1941.

Dante Almansi, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communists

Villa Emma in the village of Nonantola

Lawyer Lelio Vittorio Valobra and Bernardo Grosser in Switzerland in 1944

Exterior of Bernardo Grosser’s home in Sokolov Street, Jerusalem.

Settimio Sorani, the head of Rome DELASEM

DELASEM national director (left) with Bernardo Grosser and a refugee at a train station. “He who saves a single life saves the entire world” – The Talmud

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Collage of Levi book jackets, photos and poems in Elizabeth’s apartment in Tiberias

Primo Levi ... vivid recall of visual images during his 11 months as a slave laborer

The square in Haifa named after Primo Levi

Report and photographs by Elizabeth Levi Senigaglia Remember...