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Carol Lipman came to live in Israel from London in 2012 after a career in education which included teaching, lecturing and careers counseling. Her interests include travel and the arts. A committee member of the ESRA Modiin branch, she has found the local community to be extremely friendly and supportive.  Two of her nine grandchildren who range between 10 years and 10 months, have been born since she  moved to Israel, and she hopes that one day she will be able to have a conversation with them in Hebrew.

Yom Hashoah took place as Israel was still in "lockdown" due...
The Modiin Music Lovers enjoying the Itzhak Perlman film

Virtuoso violinist Itzhak Perlman

TWO CAPACITY crowds were totally gripped by the fi...
Jeff Shron (Photo: Evelynne Cherny)

Jeff shares his love of Chazzanut   ESRA Modiin Mu...
The ESRA Modiin day trip started at Mekorot Eshkol

At the Ruppin Academic Center

The Morad Winery at Yokneam

Carol Lipman reportsPhotos: Cheryl Friedlander​Three totally...
Moish Levy and his wife Nili ... each have donated kidneys. Photo: Marion Stone

Would you be willing to be considered as a possible kidney d...
Marsha Goldstein and husband Avi . . . her life changed overnight

"The benefit to the person donating the kidney is even great...
Incredible oppulence in the Hermitage, Catherine’s Winter Palace. Photos: Cynthia Barmor

Peterhof, Peter the Great’s Summer Palace

Cynthia Barmor in front of St Basil’s Cathedral Auditorium in Red Square

Auditorium of the Marinsky Theater

Curios ... but check out the familiar labels

A wall ornamenation at the Hermitage

Moscow’s Red Square at night with the walls of the Kremlin to the left

The Grand Choral Synagogue in St Petersburg

How many ways are there to use gold? A visit to Moscow and S...