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Chairperson's Message - 220

 45 Years of ESRA Community, Connection and Shared Purpose

Nella Feldsher, ESRA Chairwoman

Dear Esteemed Members and Friends,

As we commemorate the 45th anniversary of the English-Speaking Residents Association (ESRA), we reflect with pride and gratitude on our journey as the home of English speakers in Israel. For nearly half a century, ESRA has served as a beacon of support, connection, and community for English-speaking residents from all walks of life, welcoming newcomers and long-time residents alike with open arms and warm hearts.

Israel Is Your Home 

For many English speakers who have made Aliyah, the journey to Israel is not just a physical relocation but a profound emotional and cultural transition. At ESRA, we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with building a new life in a new land, and we are committed to ensuring that every newcomer feels welcomed, supported, and embraced as they make Israel their home. From practical assistance with language, housing, and employment to emotional support and friendship, ESRA is here to accompany newcomers on their journey every step of the way.

Giving Back

Making a Difference: At ESRA, we believe that a strong community is built on the foundation of mutual support, shared values, and collective responsibility. That's why we are deeply committed to empowering English-speaking residents to give back and make a positive impact on the lives of others in the country. Whether through volunteerism, philanthropy, or community service, every act of kindness and generosity contributes to the strength, resilience, and vibrancy of our community as a whole. By harnessing the talents, passions, and energies of our members, ESRA fosters a culture of service, compassion, and social responsibility that enriches the lives of individuals and strengthens the fabric of our community.

A Shared Vision for the Future 

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to the values of inclusivity, diversity, and unity that have guided us throughout our journey. Looking ahead to the future, we envision a community where every English speaker in Israel feels valued, respected, and empowered to pursue their dreams and aspirations. With a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and optimism, we will continue to build on the legacy of ESRA, creating a brighter, more inclusive future for generations to come.

Join Us in Celebration 

As we mark this special occasion, I invite you to join us in celebration and reflection. Whether you're a newcomer seeking support and connection or a long-time resident looking to give back and make a difference, there's a place for you at ESRA. Join us for special events, activities, and programs planned throughout the year as we celebrate 45 years of ESRA and look ahead to the next chapter of our journey together.

Thank You for Your Support 

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every member, volunteer, supporter, and friend of ESRA who has contributed to our success over the past 45 years. Your unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment are the driving force behind everything we do, and we are profoundly grateful for your continued support. Together, we will continue to build a stronger, more vibrant community where every English speaker in Israel feels at home.

Here's to 45 years of ESRA, and to many more years of community, connection, and shared purpose!

Warm regards,

Nella Feldsher

Chairperson, ESRA



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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