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Treated with respect at a time of family distress 

An open letter to Yaoz Sever, Spokesperson of Raanana Municipality

I want to share with you that the Raanana City Burial Council on Klausner Street and the burial committee at the cemetery treated me with compassion and respect and were professional and flexible which is something not expected particularly for people like me, a gentile Christian. I was also pleased that after our ceremony the rabbi said a prayer over my mom's grave at the end. Very thoughtful

I cannot express the positive feeling it is to have mom's body buried in our home city of Raanana. Plus, I think you know that we Evangelical Christians are not so concerned about death, burial procedures, location etc. (if I explained that right), but it is still a comfort to know mom's body is buried near our home city rather than in some kibbutz - Netanya, up north, or the Negev.

In all, I was treated outstandingly by the burial council in the City of Raanana and the burial committee at the cemetery. This is something the average gentile or international person does not see; instead the news media and every crackpot idiot attacks Israelis, with malicious intent, for Zionism, religious radicalism, unfounded prejudice, protecting themselves against murders and Arab State- sponsored murders (I hate using the word 'terrorist' as today it can refer to freedom fighters), and constantly filling the news content with Israel and Israeli negativity. It makes me furious.

The media hardly ever reveals how compassionate, helpful, thoughtful and loving Israelis and the Jewish culture are. Particularly, with their (Israelis and the Jewish culture) long history and tradition of supporting the needy, the underdog, mistreatment, sickness, medical contributions and actions, and mourners of death.

In fact, the media has Israeli and Arab behavior and lifestyle along with the proven results, backwards. And the media knows it, which is even more evil

Please thank and commend the Raanana City Burial Council, and the burial committee at the Raanana cemetery which was there or helped with the burial, for they all made the passing of my mom and the burial of her body a comfort to me and the family.

Thank you.

Don Davis


Big fans of the magazine 

The mail may be slow, but ESRA magazine #182 was certainly worth waiting for. Not only do we love the MAD MEN article, but we are now big fans of the magazine itself.

The wide variety of articles, from the lighthearted to the very serious subjects, gives the publication great importance.

Good work, Merle. Nice

Len Sirowitz

Manhattan, New York

The letter was sent to Herb Hahn, who wrote Mad Men and who is a close friend of Len Sirowitz. 

English news to be broadcasted daily on Channel 33, 16:00

English speaking residents will be glad to know that starting Sunday, January 3, 2016 daily broadcasting of the English News will begin on Channel 33 at 16:00.

Arieh Sullivan, who has been broadcasting the English News every Thursday on Channel 33 was able to convince the Israel Broadcasting Authority, against strong opposition, of the need for daily presentation of favorable Israeli news.

We owe our thanks to Arieh, M.K.Nachman Shai and others for what they have accomplished.

Leonard Kahn

Zichron Yaakov

Paying by cash does have its benefits 

I just bought a new computer system from a supplier whom I've known and liked for years. When I paid him the NIS 3,000 that I owed him, I paid him in cash instead of with a credit card. Most merchants pay 2-3% of each transaction to their credit card company. So when I paid cash, my supplier received an "extra" NIS 60-90, and it didn't cost me a shekel.

Eli Lato


Here's looking at you, Jean 

I took our ESRAmagazine out of the postbox and it fell open and we saw we were looking at JEAN LEVIN!

Mazel Tov Jean on your 100th. We send you our very best wishes at this amazing time.

Benita and Max Ratner


Thank-you, MDA, for coming to aid of my husband

I am working voluntarily for Magen David Adom, Israel. I came to Israel nearly six years ago from England, and wanted to do something worthwhile for all people of all religions and faiths. Magen David Adom works for all people - Jews, Christians and Arabs,- enabling all to get an ambulance to be taken to hospital.

A few months ago I woke up in the middle of the night and half the bed was covered with blood - red blood everywhere. DISASTER. I was very drowsy and thought someone had broken into my apartment and killed my husband. I pulled myself together and saw he was having a serious nose-bleed which would not stop.

I immediately dialed for an ambulance and MDA came immediately. They made him comfortable and took us straight to the hospital.

I urge you not to forget MDA. Without the ambulances and people to drive them and give medical assistance you can do nothing to save a life.

Please help by donating whatever you can to help MDA's continued existence and believe me, from my experience, without them you are totally lost and have no one to help you in any kind of emergency.

Send your donations to MDA Israel and also take a few minutes to remember them in your will for your children's and grandchildren's safety when you are not here.

Linda Gill

Tel Aviv

Netanya AACI got me Nordic walking 

Thank you for publishing my experience with Nordic walking. Up to now over 40 people have called to get information about it - from Tiberias to Jerusalem. Unfortunately,I did not give credit in the article to Netanya AACI that got me into the local Netanya Nordic walking group to begin with and with whom I learned the technique and share a walking experience one hour a week along the beautiful walkway along the Netanya seaside.

By the way it might interest your readers if those who started using the Nordic Poles shared their feelings in this magazine about the impact it had on the way they feel.

Don Silverberg


I will never forgive and never forget 

I just happened upon this article (on the ESRA Magazine website) and had to re-read it, as it struck a chord in my heart. Many think that only the 6 million were the ones to have been murdered by the Nazis; however this article proves otherwise. Generations upon generations will suffer quietly the tortuous hell their parents and grandparents experienced. I'm sorry that you will probably think poorly of what I am about to say; but I can never and will never forgive let alone forget.


Cambridge, England

It's a guessing game with Israeli drivers 

As a frequent visitor/driver how I concur with Anthony Green's letter in the last ESRAmagazine. My British driving common sense tells me to let other drivers know where I am heading but this is not so with the majority of drivers here in Israel.

Please consider others instead of leaving them to guess your intentions.

Norma Wineberg

Leeds England

Internet: change can be for the better 

In response to your item in ConsumerWatch 182 on "Beware! The Internet providers are on the prowl again", if we avoid altering or changing something that works well, we will never get something that works equally as well but cheaper or even better and cheaper.

I took the Netvision deal for NIS89 a month for what they say is 40 MG but since I have minimal demands of my computer and the other electronic gadgets, I have never tested its strength. I have their modem and it works beautifully even for our security room, so on our meager budget we have saved some money.

Simonne Ram


Here is a newsflash: English back on TV 

English speaking residents will be glad to know that starting Sunday, January 3, 2016 daily broadcasting of the English News will begin on Channel 33 at 16:00.

Arieh Sullivan, who has been broadcasting the English News every Thursday on Channel 33 was able to convince the Israel Broadcasting Authority, against strong opposition, of the need for daily presentation of favorable Israeli news.

We owe our thanks to Arieh, M.K.Nachman Shai and others for what they have accomplished.

Leonard Kahn

Zichron Yaakov

Goodbye party in my honor filled me with so much emotion 

Dear Nina Zuck,

I was surprised and very touched to see the article in the last ESRAmagazine relating to the farewell party that the Kfar Shmaryahu Social Club group gave me on my retirement.

The event filled me and the group with so many emotions.

It was very hard for me to say goodbye to the wonderful participants who fill Beit Weil with their physical presence and high spirits. Their smile and laughter, their sounds and expressions bring joy to all who are around them.

I would like to thank all of you who manage this wonderful organization called ESRA with such high standards and values, ethics and no end of dedication.

You have helped and supported me through the fourteen years to enable me to accomplish the aims of this important project.

I really loved my volunteer work.

Nina, your good judgement has guided me through many decisions and I was blessed, too, with Yonit's dedicated participation.

Noga Raz

Kfar Shmaryahu

As attacks continue, does anyone have ideas on how we can defend ourselves? 

It seems likely that terrorist attacks against pedestrians, shoppers, bus riders, motorists and other citizens will continue into the near future. I have not seen or heard any recommendations for defense against such attacks except for a mayor who asked his constituents who own a handgun to be armed when they go out.

I thought of pepper-spray guns and found one without instructions related to aiming, focus or duration of usage. Price: NIS150. I looked at cans of bug-spray in the supermarket and suggest that this product may be a good defense against attack. The smaller canister of Sano Co. (NIS15-20) has a trigger and 2cm nozzle and should fit into a modest handbag. The fine print on the can says that it's really poison and should be washed off skin after contact. Its range is 2-3 meters and duration likely half a minute. A can with a push-button on top and a tiny hole outlet needs time for pointing and an attack has no spare time.

Does anyone have any good, helpful decisions?

Milton Franks-Lhermann

Petach Tikva

Your contribution gives moral support 

Thank you, with all my heart, for the scholarship awarded to me. Your contribution will definitely help me to cope with my financial problems and to complete my degree successfully.

I'd like to tell you a little about myself, so that you know who received your contribution and it won't remain in the realm of anonymity.

I am 25 years old. I am from Belarus, from the city of Minsk, where I lived until the age of 20. In 2009 I made aliyah without my family through the youth program "SELA". I lived in a kibbutz and learned Hebrew and Jewish tradition, and also prepared myself for the psychometric exams. At the end of this program I started studying in the Technion's Pre-Academic Department (Mechina). In 2011 I volunteered in the army with the aim of contributing to Israel and in order to become a part of Israeli society. I really enjoyed the year of military service. After the army I started to study for a B.A. in Architecture at the University of Samaria.

Now this is my second year of studies. These studies are not simple. But the most important thing is that I really get great pleasure from my studies and it's extremely interesting for me. There are many new things I find out when doing project after project during my studies.

Thank you one more time, from the bottom of my heart, for your contribution. The contribution from your organization is not just financial help, but also moral support for students who have the motivation to contribute to the country in the future, and also to develop it in different ways.

Since your grant has been so important in my life, I hope you will be able to continue this generous contribution to other students in the future.

Yanina S.

I was at a loss – until I received your email 

I'm a 4th year student at Ariel University. A few minutes ago I received an email informing me that I was found suitable, by ESRA, to receive a grant towards my tuition.

Since receiving this mail I've not stopped crying.

I would like to share with you the shock and the extra intake of breath in the last few minutes. You have given me the encouragement I have so needed lately.

In the last few months I felt at a loss as I couldn't find the funds required for my tuition, and in the last few days I was blocked in the University's system due to defaulting in my payments.

And then the mail arrived!

I want to thank ESRA for giving, for listening, for the charity, for believing in us students, for believing in me.

You give inspiration and strength to the people in my position.

Thank You is too small a word for what I feel and want to say to you.

"Gratitude is one of the simplest but most meaningful things that human beings can express to each other" (Professor Randy Paush).

So thank you ever so much.

Leor T.

Ramat Hasharon

I can't express my feelings of happiness 

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and donation of NIS10,000 that will allow me to continue with my studies.

I really appreciate it, as these days it is not commonplace for people to donate such large sums.

You "put yourself in my shoes" which is unexpected. Thank you. I would like to congratulate you and wish you every success in whatever you do.

All my life I embraced the saying: "To save one soul is equivalent to saving the whole world". I cannot put into words the feeling of happiness you have given me, as I didn't expect someone who doesn't know me to give me such a large grant, so thank you again.

Written with great excitement.


Nazareth Elite

Shalom, you have appeased my soul

Shalom and many thanks for your financial help and for appeasing my soul, both of which are very important to every person, but especially to me in the difficult period of my studies.

I hope that the help given by the whole ESRA team will not be limited only to those affected but will lead the whole Israeli society to help one another.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



You're a hard act to follow, Val 

On behalf of ESRA's Program Committee, we want to say a big THANK YOU for chairing the committee for the past year since we lost our dear friend, Audrey Goodman.

We all appreciated your input and commitment - you are a hard act to follow.

We wish you and Bobby mazal tov on your 50th wedding anniversary and we wish you both health and happiness in the future.

Looking forward to working with you on future events.

Glenis Bertfield, Central Region Coordinator, and Honey Stollman, Co-chair Program Committee

I think that cover shot was a grave mistake . . . 

The cover of ESRA magazine #182, the Chanukah issue, was very disappointing. On the beautiful Festival of Light, you chose to show a sad, miserable picture of old, grey graves! It was most depressing and did not invite one to open the pages as your bright covers usually do. This was the time for a beautiful picture of a Chanukiah ablaze with light!

Helene Magid-Halle Herzliya

Special Delivery: thanks to a very special couple

ESRA would like to thank Irving and Freddie Poll (pictured above) for the many years they have given to us delivering magazines. It was wonderful meeting you, Irving, when you came in to help with the packing. I know you left us for the soldiers but you continued for many more years to deliver. Freddie, it was always a pleasure talking to you. Again from all of us, thank you.

Sheila Keshev Volunteer Coordinator of distribution of ESRAmagazines in Netanya



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