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There’s life after Beit Fisher

 After much heart searching and deliberation the decision was made that after 25 years in Klausner Street, Raanana, it was time to move on. Not everyone was thrilled with this decision, and as with all change there was resistance. Our office was moved to Gan Rashal in Herzliya where many of the original volunteers are enjoying working and making a huge difference to the work load of the Administration's office.

All the Raanana committee events now take place at the Golomb Center. The acoustics are perfect and there is always a friendly caretaker to take care of the sound system and set out the room.

The Golomb Center is at 6 Golomb Street, Raanana, just off Borochov and close to Achuza Street, so is very central. It's all on one floor with no stairs to climb. It is set in delightful gardens with memorabilia from times gone by and is the center for the annuls of the history of Raanana.

We now hold regular events there including Zumba on a Sunday morning, Bridge on Tuesday morning and Scrabble on Wednesday evening. ESRA's Photography Group also meets in the Golomb Center.

All our volunteers and members are really enjoying our new home. Raanana Committee, chaired by Jack Copolovici, has recently held lectures and musical evenings at the Golomb Center, and is delighted with the space. The staff are very helpful and they have a great sound system which is very useful to us.


The Golumb Center has been a revelation to the Zumba dancers. A beautiful sized hall that fits so many of us in comfort. The raised stage allows us to clearly see our teacher Stacey's movements which helps us enormously. The staff there are most kind and hospitable. We all are very happy Zumba dancers and look forward to returning to lessons in September. It's fun and anyone can do it. So, ESRA members come and join us. – Sara Groundland

Our new premises are wonderful. They are spacious, and the staff are so helpful and happy to see us on Sunday mornings. In my opinion our spirits have been lifted and everyone is enjoying the class even more than before, thanks to our great teacher. So, ladies and gentlemen, please come and join us at Zumba. – Louise Lipschitz, Zumba volunteer organizer


The Golumb Center is wonderful for our game of Scrabble every Wednesday evening. We hope to have more people joining the group in the future. We Scrabblers are happily playing in the premises that ESRA has organized for us since the closing of Beit Fisher. We are comfortable in the lovely spacious hall; we have excellent air-conditioning and a kind janitor looking after our needs. – Natalie Elgrod, Scrabble volunteer organizer



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Thursday, 08 December 2022

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