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The King and His Queen - A Poem

Anointed and united, wreathed and robed,

He sits with Her atop a mountain

abloom in purple majesty.

Amidst fields of green below

stands a home and a smaller one beside

with family, bearing gifts, walking to and fro.

The emerald green field is bounded

by brook and trees

giving life and standing guard.

Beyond the soldiers of cedar and cypress

lies blue on blue shimmering and shining,

sea and sky, sky and sea.

From the depths and dome

in black and white

arises a walled city.

A full moon hangs suspended in the blue blue,

it's whiteness reflecting upon

the outlined forms of arches and towers.

O Jerusalem! From the river to the sea!

The Promised Land!

Gifted to us by The Almighty,

Who spreads a branch

over His people,

with Leaves of Light,

the blazing gold color dripping on to The King's Crowne.



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Monday, 24 June 2024

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