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Magazine Helped Me Convalesce

I wanted to tell you, Merle, how very much I enjoyed reading the ESRA Magazine while recuperating in Raanana at Bayit Be Lev after having had a hip replacement. Your magazine is so diverse, such interesting articles, and humorous! Easy to read and pick up where you left off, or find another article just as easily. A bit of everything. In your latest magazine (#198) I read the article about Chris Barnard who performed the first-ever heart transplant. It brought back memories of my Colored Ballet Students performing for him when he visited Port Elizabeth. I also appreciate "your integrity" in publishing articles about peace activists and peace organizations. We are all one Human Race.

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Aretson wrote: "Embrace the fleeting reality of life by choosing wisely, acting with resolve, nurturing and healing ourselves and others. To be alive is to receive the most precious gift of all, the chance to make a difference."

I remember how nervous I was when I sent my first article to you about Eilat and my personal feelings. I thought it would be rejected. You cannot imagine my excitement when you accepted the article! Your acceptance made a difference in my life! Thank you Merle.

Continue spreading the "word" and "content" of the ESRA Magazine, which brings us all so much pleasure.

Fonda Dubb




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Saturday, 13 August 2022

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