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In Praise of the Pomegranate

Nicky Girly on Pixabay

The assignment wasn't a challenge. I knew I could land it. Write about a "Jewish fruit." Of course, the pomegranate.

Let me assure you before I begin

A pomegranate is more than tasty seeds and ruby skin.

There's debate about its origins, but this is agreed.

It's Latin for pomum, apple, and granatus, seed.

Egyptians, Greeks and Persians claimed it, that's true. But we all know the pomegranate belongs to the Jew.

It's one of seven fruits mentioned in the Garden of Eden. Some say it's the pomegranate, not apple, that was eaten.

Solomon's headpiece had a pomegranate crown.

Scouts brought Moses pomegranates from Canaan's ground.

Pomegranate art adorned the high priest's cape.

The top of a torah is often pomegranate in shape.

From artifacts of ancient Judea you might find this funny.

That a pomegranate was on coins that were traded as money.

In Kabbalah "entering the garden of the pomegranate" brings a mystical feeling. It's also our symbol of prosperity and healing.

A pomegranate is stronger than most fruits, but more,

It survives 10 degree temps when others freeze to their core.

You can serve it as a food, display it as a flower.

Or ingest it when you're sick for its medicinal power.

It reduces intestinal problems and hypertension,

It's a remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and indigestion.

To offset fatty foods, it's something you should try.

And is said to slow development of cataracts in the eye.

Besides vitamin B, C and antioxidents, please take note,

Pomegranates are of benefit to your heart and your throat.

Serve it in a glass, a bowl or a dish. Put pomegranates in smoothies or a topping on fish.

Pomegranate syrup is called grenadine. Mixed in martinis, it's fit for a queen.

Pomegranate juice has been used as a dye

But with Persian rugs, do beware what you buy.

They say our 613 laws match its number of seeds. To make a pomegranate Jewish, that's all that it needs.

So are there really 613 seeds? Count them. It's fun. I bought a pomegranate, counted the seeds, but got 491.

But I so wanted to believe 613 seeds is true.

I bought another, counted the seeds. There were 372.

This isn't working! OK, maybe it's not too late

To try another pomegranate. The seeds totaled 708.

Oh no! Did I count right? How could this be?

I bought a fourth pomegranate and counted 503.

I challenge you readers to give it a shot

To prove the pomegranate's Jewish. Or not.



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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