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Credit: Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

We have to believe in Hope

It's a word that carries us as we go on our way

It lifts us up to reach the heavens

To ask for mercy on our souls

And ask for forgiveness

To give us strength

To make this world a better world

A dance of Hope is what we need

Like a circle of light

Which frames our faces

To reach out to others with a smile

A kind touch or gesture

A welcome to us all

That unites us in togetherness

Which brings the Hope which almighty God blessed
and created for us all

That we can hold hands

And dance together

In a Dance of Hope

It's a gift from Heaven

To keep our spirits alive

And Hope like water from a cool fresh spring will bring a light to carry and to hold

With kindness and with Hope

We live in a wonderland of gifts that God has bestowed on us all.

And one of them is Hope

We Hope with our hearts and prayers that we await

A better world to come.

To say Amen for precious life

That we can sing like ringing bells, with voices loud and clear that can be heard across the Holy Land

That tomorrow will be a better day and both Hope and Peace will suddenly appear like a Butterfly that comes gently down to perch upon your pillow

As we sing holding hands together

Like climbing up a ladder

Blowing trumpets in the sky

That reach out to the Heavens so we can ALL sing and dance together the melody of




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Friday, 19 July 2024

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