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Here’s how to find if you’ve a hidden talent

The Writer’s Drawer website

 You used to write for your school paper. Friends tell you that they save your letters. You give beautiful speeches at family events. Each time you read something by one of your favorite authors, you think that it looks easy. Finally, you decide to try. You write a short story and show it to your family and friends – who all love it and tell you how talented you are. You reread it. It's really good – but how could you, an unknown, find a publisher?

Here comes Beryl Belsky, a professional editor, who had the idea of starting a website in order to give a wider audience to amateur writers. Look up: You'll find short stories, essays and poems in English on all kinds of topics, written by non-professional authors from all over the world. Brief bios of the authors are included and you can see that they come from many countries and have many different backgrounds.

Recently, Beryl published an anthology called A Certain Kind of Freedom: Stories and Poems from The Writer's Drawer, chosen from last year's website submissions. Divided into short fiction, "stories from life" and poetry sections, it is available on Amazon, at

It seems that the main difference between professional authors and talented amateurs is the number of readers who enjoy their work. Yours may be the next bestseller!



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Thursday, 05 October 2023

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