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Hannah Baum's ‘Alternative’ Career Path

Hannah Baum ... meets many people and has little time to be idle

Born and educated in Melbourne, Australia, an enthusiastic member of Habonim, Hannah Baum attended university to follow a career in education. Her tertiary studies included psychology, physiology and zoology.

On the threshold of an exciting future working at the Australian Council for Educational Research, which at that time was the top institution for educational development in Australia, the opportunity arose to join a group of 26 young people from Habonim to come to Israel to make this their home. Hannah was one of only two or three of that group who remained in Israel.

She stayed on Kibbutz Israel for six years. Her parents planned to join their daughter in Israel but her father died before they could get here and her mother subsequently came on her own and settled in Netanya, where Hannah joined her and has been ever since. It was here that she lived, married, worked and brought up her family.

There was a time long ago when Hannah and her husband, Harris, who was an electrician and had his own business in Netanya, considered returning to Australia, but once their first child went to school here they never thought about it again. Hannah never worked commercially for 20 years, spending that time in bringing up her children and assisting her husband. Israel afforded them every opportunity and they enjoyed the privilege of living here.

When Harris died, with the children grown up and independent, Hannah Baum found herself with time on her hands and the will to get involved in something worthwhile. She took a job, but the international crash of the global economy put an end to her occupation as an organizer of international conferences. The Iron Shield war followed, and the company she worked for was forced to scale down and lay off workers. Hannah found herself without a job.

It was pure fate that guided her to a talk one night by someone promoting Omega 3 in its natural vegetarian form as an alternative to the fish oil readily available. She was fascinated by the facts presented lauding the benefits of supplementing diets with this product which is derived from the Clary Sage plant. The talk inspired her to research further, and pointed the way to her immediate future. Since she believed that no one could promote any product which purported to do so much good for one's health without experiencing those benefits herself - she bought a box of capsules and recorded her own most positive reaction to it. The obvious improvement in her wellbeing encouraged her to share the benefits of this supplement with others, and she started representing the Israeli company that produces the Clary Sage seed oil.

And that is where Hannah is now - promoting a product that she feels passionate about, excited to follow up on her clients who are enjoying the many benefits that sage oil, or Omega 3 offers. She has little time to be idle and has the opportunity to meet many people - and to enjoy a new and rewarding challenge at this stage of her life. 



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Monday, 05 June 2023

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