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Gifted children in Michmoret Graduate

Jackie Klein, Co-Chair ESRA Modiin, presents a certificate and a gift to a student

ESRA has sponsored a project for gifted Ethiopian children in Michmoret for the last eight years. These children are 7th and 8th graders from Netanya who excel in their studies and are granted the privilege of learning marine biology at Michmoret under the guidance of instructors from Ruppin College. In the past few years we have extended the project to include non-Ethiopian children who are also gifted.

I have just returned from the end of the year program -- graduation day for the 8th graders and another year to go for the 7th graders. It is always a thrill to take part in this ceremony. The guides from Ruppin academy prepare a film showing the year's activities in class and in the sea. These teenagers learn to understand and value what we have in Israel by exploring the sea in a boat, dissecting the creatures found there and examining the results by microscope.

It is a whole new way of learning for these children. Their world suddenly opens up so much wider. They experience knowledge in a different way - one that truly "turns them on".

At this year's graduation ceremony we were delighted to see the large number of parents who attended. This has not always been the case. As you can imagine, the parents were as proud as we were. One mother told me that she had lost her husband three years ago. This was the first time in three years that she had seen her daughter smile again! The course has changed her daughter's life. What more can you ask? May we continue this mitzvah for many years to come. 

Meira Applebaum receives an orchid from volunteer coordinatior Dorith Bigon
Special occasion ... some of the people who attended the awards ceremony


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Saturday, 10 June 2023

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