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A Beacon of Hope in Times of Crisis 

In the face of adversity, ESRA stands tall as a pillar of support for families grappling with the aftermath of the October 7 tragedy. The quick and decisive action to launch an Emergency Appeal underscores our commitment to provide urgent and effective aid to those in immediate need.

ESRA's well-established Welfare Fund, with its proven successful track record over many years, uniquely positions us to extend a helping hand where it matters most. The fund's purpose is to offer substantial financial grants to families facing distressing circumstances who have suffered tremendous personal loss, families with members who have been called into the military and face income challenges and the plight of those displaced from their homes on Israel's northern and southern borders.

Your response to the Emergency Appeal has been nothing short of extraordinary, a true testament to the unwavering support from ESRA's dedicated membership, volunteers and supporters. From our history of aiding immigrants from the former Soviet Union to ongoing initiatives with the Ethiopian community and recent appeals on behalf of Ukrainian refugees, emergency support has become a tradition deeply ingrained in ESRA's ethos.

As of late November, the Emergency Fund had already provided grants to over 200 families experiencing severe financial difficulties. These funds, transferred directly to recipients' bank accounts within hours of application, offer an initial lifeline during their most challenging times. Additional requests are received almost daily, primarily through local welfare departments of municipalities which enables expedited approval, ensuring swift assistance to those in need. The Emergency Fund remains operational and committed to aiding families until resources are depleted.

Although ESRA is the largest English-speaking volunteer-based NGO in Israel, we fully acknowledge that we cannot help everyone. We therefore concentrate on an area where we have experience and where we know we can be most effective in making our contribution to the war effort. This is only made possible through the incredible support and belief in ESRA's mission from our wonderful, caring and generous donors to whom we owe, on behalf of the beneficiaries, a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

In conclusion, your donation through ESRA is not just a financial contribution, it is a symbol of solidarity and a lifeline for those most affected by the repercussions of war. As we navigate these extremely challenging times, we continue to stand together, united in our commitment to making a difference and safeguarding the future of Israel. 



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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