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I assume that many of the readers know about or have used the services of YAD SARAH. This organization constantly amazes me. About a year ago we needed to "borrow" from them a walker with four wheels. We were asked to pay a deposit of NIS180 and we received the walker for three months' usage. We were advised that we could renew the period of usage for a further three months by telephone, and again after that for three months more. After this period of time, we forgot all about phoning to renew the period of usage. Now a year later we received a phone call advising that if we make a donation of NIS100 the period of usage is unlimited AND I checked that our original deposit of NIS180 remains returnable! 


Have you noticed that on adverts, information pages etc. phone numbers are appearing less and less? Not all of us are so up-to-date and capable of getting the required information via our cellphone. AND not everyone has and uses a cellphone.

In this instance, my LifeStyle card offered me a 1+1 entrance ticket to the National Museum of Science & Technology. Not being sure what was being offered and whether the museum in question is the one in Haifa, I looked for their phone number. Guess what, you are right, No phone number.


I sometimes feel my cellphone is being used against me. I bought an item at Delta and wanted to know if they had the same item in a different material to be used for the winter. First I had to find their phone number in the long rigmarole on their bill, and when I ring and press the number for asking a question I am told by their answering machine that they will ring me back on my phone number, presumably at their convenience and not mine. Particularly so, as I need the information in front of me on my bill as well as the details on the item I bought, to ask my questions. Is this a service? Lately I am coming across this more and more.


My husband fell backwards in our local park, knocked the back of his head, which bled a lot, and was taken to hospital by ambulance. Fortunately, apart from the big bruise, no other damage had been done ... till he got home and we saw the huge blood stains on his favorite shirt. To him this was real damage. I need to say thank you to the various people on the ESRAlist who offered their recommendations to remove blood stains. It took a long time as the stains had dried for a day or two. Finally, with COLD water and soap and many washes we removed ALL the big stains and his shirt is wearable again.

If you have any consumer topics you'd like to share with us, send them to: Naomi Ariel, ConsumerWatch, ESRA, PO Box 3132, Herzliya 4613002 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 'Consumer story' on the subject line. 

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Sunday, 16 June 2024

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