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Whilst clearing out old papers, I came across an ESRA Calendar of 2013-14. Inside were recipes from people in various branches. I wish to congratulate the choice of these recipes, as nearly all of them had only 5-8 ingredients. I have stopped reading recipes when I see a list of 10-20 or more different ingredients.

Whom are you talking to

I just got angry over the stupidity of a request that repeats itself from time to time from various organizations. I made a request in the name of my husband to Maccabi for Form 17 for an appointment that he has at a hospital. The written request for the appointment came from a Maccabi doctor and I passed all the necessary material to Maccabi. When I rang to check when we would receive the Form 17, I was asked to put my husband on the phone. I explained that it was not possible at that moment and asked why. The clerk responded that they needed to know that the request actually came from him. Sorry to say, I exploded, asking how they could know on the phone that they were talking to my husband, maybe it was a male friend who happened to be here or even someone just off the street. End of phone call. Guess what, the Form 17 arrived next morning.


If you have held a party or other festive occasion in your home where you have used all your own dishes and cutlery, I recommend always double-checking and counting the cutlery before putting it away. Unfortunately, I have found some items accidentally thrown in the rubbish bin by a "helpful" guest. Also remember not to throw out the rubbish before washing and counting the cutlery. My cutlery, which I like, is many years old and cannot now be replaced, so it is worth the effort.

Landfill / Ecology

A chicken sitting on plastic

The emphasis today is on ecology and the damage mankind is doing to this earth, so I am wondering what happens to all those plastic containers that the shops use when they sell us cut chickens, meats, salads, soft cheeses, ready-made foods etc. which we throw out after use, in particular, where the plastic containers are twice the size of the contents. For example, there are cosmetic products where you think you are buying a large quantity and actually there is one small container inside another large outer container. The same applies to cartons such as the big boxes for the cereals and chocolates, the carton containers for TVs, videos, toaster ovens, refrigerators etc.

Painters think that it is to their advantage to buy new brushes and rollers for each client, but what happens to all those large paint tins? All these materials go to landfill!

The Health Funds use huge quantities of paper to cover those hard beds when you go for an examination or X-Ray. What about all those paper towels in restaurant toilets, and other places – is any of this recycled?

Does anyone remember when plastic bags were a novelty here in Israel? I remember when an aunt brought back a few from a visit to the States and we washed and reused them again and again. Even today, I request that my fresh chicken and meat be wrapped in the thin plastic bags only which also take less space in my refrigerator and freezer, and not in the colorless plastic boxes, although some of these I find useful in the kitchen and reuse many times.

Dear Naomi,

"I enjoy reading your column, recommendations and advice in each ESRAmagazine.

In the last issue April-May 2019, you spoke about the COLON laundry strips. When I discovered them a couple of years ago, I took out a "page" of the strips and put it in the bottom of my suitcase on my trip abroad. They certainly didn't take up room or weight, and I used them in my travels for the washing machines wherever I happened to be. (They are very fragrant and one doesn't need softener with them). I think they are a fabulous invention and often give a packet to friends as a "bon voyage" present! It isn't an expensive gift but definitely useful and doesn't take up room.

Looking forward to your future suggestions."

Debbie Sinai



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