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Insurance request posed a problem

I had an interesting request from an insurance company recently.We needed to prove that before we were insured with them for the last two years, we had had insurance coverage for five previous years, even if with other insurance companies.When I finally found the previous policies and sent them, the details demanded I was then asked to give them the last four numbers of the credit card used.As I use mainly two difference credit cards and a new credit card has a new number, I found this to be a difficult problem.

A credit to them! Store honored two-year note 

I had in my purse for nearly two years a credit note from Home Center for NIS192 dated 04/10/17 and every so often when I made order in my purse I decided to throw it away but still returned it to the purse.Just recently when I bought some paint, I finally decided to ask what I could do about this backdated credit note and to my surprise, I was told that it was still valid as their credit notes are usually valid for about two years.So take note: it's always worthwhile at least asking.Yes, I am still holding the balance of the change in a new credit note.

Ask for a name in case they don't call back

Do you always ask the name of person you speak to over the phone when phoning a company or organization?I spoke to a person at Assuta Hospital about making an appointment for a test. I was promised a reply within a few days. When I rang after eight days, I was given completely different information, and no date for the test!

Taken for a ride by taxi firms

When my car was out of order, we had a few medical examinations that could only be carried out in Rishon LeZion. I live in Herzliya Pituah.I ordered a taxi through a company and when I came to pay, I found the taxi driver was not prepared to accept a credit card for payment of NIS150.

On another occasion, I asked when ordering a taxi if I could pay with a credit card as I was short on cash.I was advised positively that they would tell the driver this.I also checked that the sum would be NIS150. However, when I went to pay, I was advised that with a credit card, I have to pay NIS10 extra. On the return journey, I asked when ordering on the phone from a local company how much it cost to travel from Rishon to Herzliya Pituach and was advised NIS140. However when we were driving home the driver said no way, he charges NIS200. Eventually he put on the clock and the drive into Tel Aviv at the peak hour cost NIS168.

Paying a high price for grapes - until the pips squeaked 

I have been shocked at price of grapes at my local Sufersol this summer: NIS14 -16 for grapes with pips and NIS24 – 26 without pips.When I bought those with pips, an acquaintance who was with me asked how I could eat those with pips and I replied that when I grew up there was no such thing as grapes without pips!

Do they ever check?

Just a thought: when organizations decide upon certain regulations, such as replying to queries within 24 hours do they ever check up afterwards if this is actually carried out?



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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