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Changing Attitudes to Future Leaders

Students at the Givat Haviva International School

Bold new efforts are necessary to change the current tide of polarization that is the most pressing challenge to societal and individual well being of the twenty-first century.

Faced with growing conflicts and crisis-driven migration on a massive scale, cooperation between peoples and countries is needed more than ever; yet we are experiencing increasing intolerance for differences, deteriorating social cohesion, and rising geo-political tensions worldwide, amidst a growing wave of global leaders disinclined to lead societies towards shared and peaceful solutions.

Against this background, Givat Haviva (GH) has been weaving a fabric of shared society from the ground up for nearly seven decades. 

 Located at the heart of an ethnically diverse region, GH promotes interaction, support and empowerment between different communities. It has developed breadth and depth of expertise in conflict mediation and intercultural understanding, and has earned a UNESCO Prize for Peace in recognition of its educational programs and unwavering commitment to a shared society.

The Initiative: A new generation of effective leaders is needed to address the underlying causes of social division at its root. To this end, Givat Haviva has designed a new academy – Givat Haviva International School (GHIS) – which will bring together promising young people from diverse communities from all over the world.

It will optimize their development as leaders through a unique approach that blends rigorous academics and applied problem-solving in real communities. From here, they will be launched into the next stages of university and beyond as a network of committed leaders for shared society across sectors and regions.

GHIS is an authorized IB World School for the Diploma Program. The two-year boarding school will have a student body consisting of 50% Israeli students (Jewish and Arab) and 50% international students who will live and learn together.

Vision: To develop a vibrant and diverse community of learners who strive to achieve positive social impact and change towards a shared society and a peaceful world.

Mission: GHIS seeks to develop a network of young leaders who are committed and trained to work together towards a shared, sustainable and inclusive society, in the Middle East and globally.

The GHIS residential leadership learning model combines the following core components:

Diversity: Recruit a diverse student body aged 16-19 from within Israel, the Middle East and around the world.

Excellence: Develop their skills through a rigorous, IB and nationally accredited two-year diploma program combining academic training and customized support services for English and academic mastery, university guidance and identifying higher education opportunity pathways.

Leadership by Connection to Real-life Situations: Experience learning by problem-solving, mediation, conflict mitigation, and peace building with peers in real-life situations. On the conceptual level the program highlights the relationship between personal and shared welfare, demonstrating how societal welfare is an essential part of individual self-interest.

On the practical level, the program facilitates learning a wide variety of conflict mitigation techniques, humanitarian relief practices, and entrepreneurship skills.

Young future leaders will gain access to GH's work with conflicted communities and people confronting shared economic and environmental challenges under social division.

This allows them to engage with and learn real leadership challenges. Finally, by living in an international community for two years, students learn the value of diversity and the strength of networking.

Lasting Commitment: Sustain commitment to shared society through a lifelong alumni program co-led by students. It will include university and career guidance which ensure graduates are placed in the best fit of world-class universities given their skills and competence.

Gap year programs and internship opportunities will be identified to allow graduates to gain hands-on experience before entering a university.

A "Round Table for Young Entrepreneurs" will be established to foster continued interaction for students engaged in social and for-profit enterprises. Graduates will be encouraged to join civic engagement activities promoting shared society worldwide.

The GHIS Leadership Model builds upon GH's internationally recognized expertise, a distinguished faculty of Arab, Jewish and international educators, and longstanding partnership with diverse communities in the area. It is informed by successful models of youth leadership development and university transition serving a diverse student demographic.

Find out more – and view a video on YouTube

To learn more about the GH International School call 972 4 630 9312 or view the website: A short video which captures the core ideas can be viewed at



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Tuesday, 05 March 2024

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