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Can You Visit the Elderly?

One of the most moving verses that we read on Rosh Hashanah starts "Al tashlicheni ba'eit zikna" (Don't abandon me when I grow old). But unfortunately this is what happens to many of our senior citizens for various reasons.

This is where we, the volunteers of A.T.T.A.D, step in all be it for a short time every week.

A.T.T.A.D [Aid to the aged in institutions] was founded over thirty years ago by the late Naomi Sklar after she'd visited hospitals and old age homes and witnessed the patients being left alone for long periods of time and vegetating.

Every Tuesday morning we visit old age homes and day centers, put on music and see people coming back to life. We see them smile again, we see them clap their hands again and sometimes we see them get up and dance again with us. The staff join in too. It gives them a well-earned hour of respite from their wonderful but difficult work.

We talk to the patients in English, Hebrew and Yiddish and would love to add even more languages to the repertoire.

Unfortunately, over the last year members have had to retire due to ill health, and we find our active membership badly depleted, therefore we are desperate for new members in order to continue this worthwhile volunteer work.

We don't ask you to donate money, just your time - a couple of hours on a Tuesday morning are all you need to give.

Please call either Geraldine 054 459 9374
or Jeanette 054 338 6995.

Jeanette Schechner and Geraldine Hartog 

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Saturday, 02 July 2022

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