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An Insight Into the Middle East

Amatzia Baram at ESRA Haifa

On Sunday May 1, ESRA Haifa was honored and privileged to host as our monthly speaker, Prof. Amatzia Baram. Dr. Baram started his life on a kibbutz and after school helped look after the animals. It was only after his army service and the war of 1967 that he started his studies of the Middle East, specializing in Iraq and its neighbors. Dr. Baram obtained all of his three degrees at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and received his PhD in 1986.

The hall in Bet Hecht where our monthly talks are held was full to capacity, as a record number of 64 members and friends were in their seats by 19.30 waiting for the evening to start.

Dr. Baram provided us with a great insight into how the Middle East has been in the past and what it has become today. His assessments and even predictions were thought provoking, and in many ways quite worrying. He explained about the beginnings of ISIS and why it came about and what he thought would happen to it.He outlined the many factions which were fighting each other, and explained how the world powers had become involved, especially in Syria.

The normal lecture time of one hour was extended for an extra half an hour, and then came the questions and answers. When at last, reluctantly, Melvyn thanked the speaker and presented him with our Certificate of Appreciation, we all still wanted to hear more.

It was a most stimulating and successful evening. 



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Monday, 17 June 2024

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