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An Accidental Messiah - A Book Review

An Accidental Messiah: The Dry Bones Society II
by Dan Sofer

354 pages
Paperback $3.14;
Kindle $4.06 from

This is the second novel of the Dry Bones Society series which has already won Dan Sofer an award*. The previous book introduced us to an outrageous yet alluringly plausible tale of newly-resurrected souls. These are recently and even long dead people who awake one morning naked in a cemetery and stumble around to discover that they are reborn, or reawakened. They are the same as they were before, albeit minus a belly button, but must now seek their identity and reconnection to the world.

Not an easy task, but they are aided by the pioneering soul of Moshe Karlin, a former taxi driver in Jerusalem, who was done in by his jealous partner, stealing his wife, home and business – lock, stock and barrel. Moshe is highly motivated to get his wife and life back and engages politicians and other souls in his re-life battle.

Once eradicated from computer files, reestablishing an identity can be an enormous, if not insurmountable task. But Moshe Karlin is audacious and determined, despite having been deemed as from the "Other Side" by the rabbinical council.

Astounding is the unexpected enthusiasm of politicians, who see in them a rich lode of potential new voters for their party just before elections and avidly rush to pass laws to validate their renewed existence.

Every chapter of this dynamic book introduces new characters, from Russian mafia hoods to resurrected Arab suicide bombers.

Irina who cannot remember her previous identity, Rabbi Yosef, the trusting soul who has helped and supported Moshe from day one. And those that seek revenge for his audacity in taking back what they have stolen from him.

There is even a surprise appearance of an unexpected Messiah who seems to be able to walk on thin air. And the romance of an elusive Prophet who has fallen in love with a determined student.

Promises of redemption, astonishment at finding the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, extortion and torture all constitute pieces of the puzzle that the reader avidly collects in reading this rollicking story to put the picture together.

What a great and fun ride. Hold your breath. A recommended reading experience especially for Luna Park lovers – or Escape Rooms.

*Dan Sofer received the 2017 Silver Medal Award from The Readers' Favorite for his first book in the Dry Bones Society series 'An Unexpected Afterlife'. He was Winner of the 2016 Best Book Award for "A Love and Beyond" (American Book Fest, Religious Fiction).



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