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A Wandering Israeli

Elad Shippony... show writer and lead actor

You've no doubt heard the term the wandering Jew, but are you familiar with the wandering Israeli?

Once Israelis complete their army service, they typically go out into the world, beyond the borders of our little country, to clear their heads and come back refreshed and ready to engage in civilian life. Army service, followed by world travel, is a very Israeli thing. It's part of the very heart and soul of so many of Israel's young people. And what better way to understand today's Israelis than to share their world travel experiences? That is what the show The Wandering Israeli brings you.

But it brings you much more – humor, music, song, excitement, and an evening's entertainment by seriously talented actors, singers and musicians, that leaves its audiences smiling and loath to leave the three performers they've so enjoyed.

So what's the show all about? Elad Shippony, the show's writer and lead actor, was born to Israeli parents, but grew up in the States. He always had a desire to return to Israel, and did so to serve in the IDF. After the army, like any typical Israeli, wanderlust took hold and he embarked on a series of trips that took him into the jungles of Africa, leaving him literally up the Congo river without a paddle, hiking up the Andes mountains, living in Jordan to acquire a grasp of the language, sleeping in tents – and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The show is based on his experiences, weird and wild, funny and scary, and always moving. The scenes are accompanied by music, song, and sound effects from a range of percussion instruments that add to the excitement and transport the audience from rainforest jungles to mountaintops.

Elad has been performing his show regularly in Israel, in English and Hebrew, at the Cameri Café Theater and throughout the States. He has also presented his English version at Raanana's Center Stage theater, and is scheduled to appear at an ESRA branch – more about that below. In fact, he also presents his show in Spanish, reflecting his impressive facility with languages. His two accompanying musicians, guitarist Sagi Eiland and percussionist Eran Edri, have been performing with Shippony for over 12 years, and their smooth interactions show them to be one mind working in sync.

The lucky ESRA branch about to receive the treat of seeing this show is Karmiel, where The Wandering Israeli will be presented on March 15 at the Karmiel Irya Auditorium. With minimal staging requirements, the show is easily presented anywhere, and having seen it, I highly recommend it to other ESRA branches, to book a show and delight their audiences.

Upcoming performances of The Wandering Israeli:

Cameri, Tel Aviv: 23/1, 20/2, 26/3 at 19:00 in English (Hebrew show follows at 21:00);

Jerusalem Theater: 4/2 at 19:00 in English (Hebrew show follows at 21:00)

For information or show bookings: 054 553 8761;



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Tuesday, 05 March 2024

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