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A Legacy of Giving

 I have occasionally mused about how I might be remembered. I look at my children and grandchildren and see them as my gift to the world, a gift that will carry on after I'm gone. But is it enough? What about all the things I've worked for during my life? Will my efforts simply cease?

Well actually, they don't have to. There is a way that I can carry on working for the things I have always felt were important. I can carry on giving, and continue to influence the world for the better, even from beyond.

What triggered such thoughts was a recent discussion on the future of ESRA, and how we want to develop and expand our flagship project, Students Build a Community. We want to bring this tremendously successful project, helping students, schoolchildren and whole communities, to more areas of Israel, and we want to continue to assist future generations of students and children. Quite naturally, such plans led to a discussion of fundraising and how we can ensure having sufficient funds to both expand and maintain these projects for many years to come.

ESRA is blessed with generous donors who regularly support our Education and Welfare projects, enabling us to continue doing what we do so well to benefit Israeli society. To secure the future of these projects and their continued positive impact, there is an option that fewer people consider – make ESRA the recipient of a legacy.

Most bequests are made by ordinary hardworking people!

Surprisingly, statistics show that over 50% of people pass on without a will, and most who have one, do not include a legacy. It is a common misconception that only the very wealthy leave money to charity. But again, statistics tell a different story. Most bequests are made by ordinary, hardworking people who want to continue making a difference after they are gone.

For your own peace of mind, and that of your families and loved ones, we urge everyone to make sure they have a will. We also ask that you consider including a gift to Israel's future with a legacy to ESRA. A legacy can be a percentage of your estate, a specified amount, an insurance policy, or any other asset. All you need to know is ESRA's legal full name (ESRA English Speaking Residents Association), its location (Herzliya), and its nonprofit organization registration number (580037455). Of course, it is important to consult a lawyer when making a will and including a legacy.

Leave something that will live on after you,

allowing you to continue making a difference.

ESRA is already the recipient of a few legacies that are helping our projects to carry on year after year. Looking to the future, we will need far more support.

Baruch Tanaman is Former ESRA Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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