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Learning all about algae at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute (Photos: Sara Yaacov)

Children enjoying their surprise meal of cheese and a variety of ... algae

This year, for the first time, the 36 motivated youth studyi...
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Screen time ... an ETP tutor using Zoom with a student

Three months ago, if you'd have asked me what Zoom was I wou...
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Head Coach Mohamad Rashwan with first grade children from Jisr az-Zarqa at the courts in Moshav Beit Hananya (Photo: Lee Wilson)

Amissa Jorban from Jisr az-Zarqa wins 2nd prize at Israel Tennis Centers’ Haifa junior tournament (Photo: Mohamad Rashwan)

  by Jane Krivine and Lucille Cohen A new ESRA program ...
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The ESRA Welfare Fund gives grants to families or individual...
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One for the album ... a group shot at the presentations

Meira and Jack Appelbaum with their student Orit Sabahat

The one and only Ilse Gluckstadt presenting scholarships to her five students – Ashegere Aileen, Almog Munis-Geva, Helen Tronej, Eitan Shemi and Shlomit Simani

Pamela Sarig presenting the scholarship to Sigal Lagassa on behalf of Maureen Lipman

Terry Shlomo presenting the ESRA Ramat Aviv Scholarship to Yonathan Wassa

Tarkin Adago at the microphone telling his aliyah story

Glenis Bertfield and Ann Levin presenting the ESRA Raanana Scholarship to Rivka Astaya

Evelynne Cherny presenting the scholarship on behalf of the Modiin branch to Rafael Geva

Dena Laufer presenting her scholarship to Ester Belay

Music at the Students Build a Community scholarship event was provided by singers and musicians from the ESRAsupported Hephzibah Volume Center

The hall at Hephzibah's community center was buzzing with ex...
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Chanukah gifts for Neve ESRA presented by ESRA Co-Chairperson Evelynne Cherny (left) to the house mother and her assistant

A LEGO Ninjago

 The 15 children, their parents and some siblings atten...
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Thumbs up ... Rhona Berzack (left) and Rene Chazen at Shaare Zedek Hospital with items made by the Modiin Knitting Circle

Photo: Audrey Gross ESRA Modiin's most meaningful project th...
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Students Build a Community veterans share experiences with students about to embark on the new SBC project

Sharing success  ESRA's flagship project, Students Buil...
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The delight of sitting high with confidence

Anat Lavi- Kowarski, manager of the center, shows her appreciation to ESRA volunteer Laurence Jacobs

In surroundings as cozy and comfortable as a pair of messy o...
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All smiles at the ESRA-sponsored make-up course in Netanya (Photo: Moti Duk)

 On Monday June 24, I had the delightful experience of ...
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An ESRA community project in Petach Tikvah

An ESRA community project in Acco

Children at an ESRA Tel Aviv Learning Center

Having fun at an ESRA project in Petach Tikvah (Photo: Noa Morgenstern)

ESRA Kfar Saba Youth at Risk project

New Education and Welfare Projects Over the past year alone,...
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 Social Club members entertained by some unusual musica...
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Nineteen years ago, after spending many years in the UK, my ...
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Computer Centers

It is said that "children live what they learn". A prophetic...
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Somebody once asked me, "Do you like to knit?" to which I re...
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Solomon Abeba ... studying law

Keren Maruvka ... wants to be a doctor

Counsellor Marlyn Butchins

Judith with Tami whom she befriends

ESRA has much to be proud of as we celebrate 40 years of giv...
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A common stumbling block among Anglo immigrants – whether ne...
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ESRA's English Tutoring Program (ETP) endorsed by the Israel...
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Volunteer Shifra Newman enjoying Laugh Yoga

Recently we were happy to welcome Zehava Marom at the Kfar S...
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Adele and Mike Rubin with Avi Talala, and Cynthia Yaakovi

Baruch Tanaman with Tarkin Adago, and Brenda Katten with Maayan Asayaho

Ilse Gluckstadt with Sigal Lagasa, Marilyn Ronen with Rachel Worka, and Terry Morris with Rafael Geva

Irene Stohn with Belaynesh Zeleke, Judi Argaman and Noa Margalit with Almog Monis, and Barbara Kliner with Israela Ayenow

The ESRA scholarship evening is a high point on the ESRA cal...
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