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Yael Meyer, formerly from California, US, has a Juris Doctor (Wayne State University Law School, Detroit Michigan) and a BA (Kalamazoo College, Michigan). She was admitted to the Bar (Law Practice) in California, Michigan, Washington DC, and Israel, She was a civil and criminal litigation lawyer for 30 years in the US before coming to live in Israel in 1996.

After making aliyah she worked for the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), which is the advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel. In addition to working on legal issues of religion and state in Israel, she wrote articles for the IRAC website and as a grant proposal writer for Amdocs until she retired in 2013.

Yael worked as volunteer for the Sierra Club – one of the leading environmental defense organizations in the US – for more than 25 years. She has been very active in partisan political activities first in the US and later here in Israel continuing until today. She is also very involved with the English Speakers group at Kehilat Ra"anan (the Reform synagogue in Raanana).

In addition to enjoying traveling in Israel and around the world, since retiring Yael has more time to pursue her interests in photography, birding, nature and archaeology/antiquity.

Along the German Colony (Photos: Denis Kaliser)

Model cooling tower In the Visitors Center at the Bazan Group Oil

At the Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Summer begins; but a bus full of ESRA day-trippers ignored t...
Learning about Herzl's early life with “guests” from his era. Story and photos by Yael Meyer

Entering Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

Inside Theodore Herzl’s office

On a lovely day in April, a busload of ESRA day-trippers tra...
Canaanite gate at Megiddo

At the Carmelite monastery ... a statue and (Below) one of the attractive gardens

Inside the water tunnel

Our final stop, was at the Muhraqa Carmelite Monastery in the Carmel mountains near Haifa

Story and photos by Yael Meyer "Kalaniot" (anemones) come in...
The view of the Ela Valley from the top of Tel Azela. Story and photos by Yael Meyer

The courtyard of the Nehorai Senior Center.

In the activity room at the Nehorai Senior Center.

Halamed Hei monument in the Ela Valley.

Inscription on the Lamed Hei monument.

Starting the walk up Tel Azela in the Ela Valley

One wintery, rainy day in March an intrepid group of ESRA da...
Checkmate ... parts of a chess set. Story and photos by Yael Meyer

New York sculptures in Miami colors

A rocking chicken

Sausage roll? Almost - it’s a sausage rocking hotdog

Items in a cactus garden

Biological reactors at the Shafdan plant

On a chilly, but mostly sunny January day, a busload of ESRA...
The old embraces the new: A solar-panelled mosque at the Bedouin agricultural village of Dirajit

Final resting place of David and Paula Ben-Gurion at Sde Boker

The Prime Minister at Avdat National Park in 1960

Tea for a guest at the Joe Alon Museum of Bedouin Culture

Taking a look at Abraham’s Well at Beersheba

Sculpture depicting Nabatean life at the Avdat National Park

A view of the Nabatean ruins at Avdat National Park

Music played at the Black Hebrew Museum, Dimona

Dessert in the desert ... at Dirajit the Bedouin agricultural village

 As 2015 was ending, an adventurous group of ESRA bus t...
Metal sculpture on the courtyard wall of the apiary in Moshav Herut.

Tea and honey tasting

Sculpture at Ein Hod

Honey-making processes at the apiary on Moshav Herut

Art in the gallery of the Magal family, Ein Hod

To start the New Year celebrations off properly our group of...
Inside the Channel 2 newsroom control room.  Story and photos by Yael Meyer

So that’s how they do it! ESRA day trippers in the news studios

Tower of David Museum: First Temple period diorama of Jerusalem under the Assyrian siege

When the summer heat was revving up, a hardy group of ESRA d...
The entrance to Beit HaGedudim. Photos:Yael Meyer

An exhibit in the Dutch section of Lochamei Hagetaot Museum

The Yad Leyeled Children’s Memorial Museum

Recently, a hearty group of ESRA day-trippers boarded a bus ...
Taking a peek inside the cave in Peki’in

Statues in Peki’in Square

The ruins of the ancient synagogue at Baram National Park

Story and Photos by Yael Meyer On a beautiful Israeli spring...
An original house at Mazkeret Batya.  Photos by Linda Glaser and Yael Meyer

A sculpture at Mazkeret Batya

Both angles ... the inside and the outside of a synagogue at Mazkeret Batya

Visitors study a preserved well

 On January 28 a busload of intrepid ESRA day-trippers ...
Tourists at the Valley Train

Templer architecture at Beit Lechem HaGlilit

On June 25 a group of 40 day-trippers boarded a bus that too...