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1936: Born in Copenhagen Denmark

1943-1945 Refugee in Sweden

1954 National Service in Danish Civil Defense Forces

1958-1960 Account Manager at Unilever, Copenhagen

1955-1960 BA and MBA. from CBS (Copenhagen Business School)

1961 Trainee at Crown Zellerbach, San Francisco and studies at UCLA

1961-65 Secretary General of Scandinavian Jewish Youth Federation (SJUF) and deputy chairman of Keren Kayemet (KKL) Denmark

1962 Account Executive at Ted Bates and Lintas Advertising Agency

1964 - 1989 CEO of “Parfumeurs Francais au Danemark”, sole distributor of leading international brands of cosmetics and perfumes

1964 – 1989 Member of Board of Deputies of Jewish Community in Copenhagen, member of Keren Hayesod Board, chairman of Jewish Day School

1989 Aliyah to Raanana, Israel

Founding Member of board of organization “Danes in Israel”

Volunteer at and member of numerous committees at Beit Issie Shapiro, Raanana

2008 – 2013 Chairman of Friends of English Speaking Friends of the Tel Aviv University

Citizen of Herzliya Pituach, Israel

A small fishing boat with escaping Jewish refugees having crossed into Swedish sea and therefore daring to come up on deck to see Sweden's coast on the horizon (Picture is part of Paul Pinchas Melchior’s PowerPoint presentation)

1945: Werner Bachmann (center) with brothers Paul and Robert in Stockholm, before departing to liberated Denmark. Below: Werner today

Public announcement in Danish and German from chief commander of German military occupation forces about martial law as of 29th August, 1943

40 years ago Israel commemorated the rescue with a stamp

Field Marshal Montgomery, liberator of Denmark 4th May 1945 is cheered in Copenhagen after the liberation (

It is now 75 years since my family and I together with about...