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Talya Dahan Dunleavy was the first daughter born in Kibbutz Reim, in 1952. Her cousin Noam Bensaid, Alexis son, was the first son of Kibbutz Reim. In 1957 They moved to Mitspe Ramon with a group of families from Kibbutz Reim. They lived in prefabricated asbestos barracks at first. School was one room. There were no modern amenities or comforts. Life in Mitspe was about survival under harsh conditions. As a child she fell in love with the breathtaking scenery and nature surrounding Mitspe.

Her family left it in 1963 and moved to Beersheva. Talya has always wanted to go back to Mitspe to live there. She has lived abroad since 1973, 43 years now, raising her two sons, creating and studying. She is an artist and jewelry designer.

Talya lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida and is currently studying Sociology at Florida Atlantic University.

Story and illustration by Talya Dahan Dunleavy

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Talya’s uncle Sidney Bensaid, who fell in the first battle of the Six-Day War

Talya Dahan (left) with her mother, Tsiona (center) attend the troops’ homecoming

Sidney Bensaid’s temporary grave at Beeri, before being transferred to Mount Hertzl

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Living on the crater’s edge, writer Talya Dunleavy felt a connection to ancient times

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Talya and her sisters, Anat and Asnat, their mother, Tsiona Dahan, her cousin Noam Bensaid eating his ice-cream in Mitspe Ramon in 1961. Noam still lives there

Writer Talya Dahan Dunleavy is on the far right with her sister, Anat, alongside

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