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Stephen Kliner was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1953 and grew up there. He graduated LLB in Law and MA in Economics and Sociology at the University of Glasgow and subsequently practised as a solicitor in private practice for over thirty years. He is a past president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council during which time the idea for the book was first conceived. He worked for many years in various capacities for a number of charitable organisations both locally in Glasgow and nationally - most noticeably the local synagogue, Habonim-Dror, and Cosgrove Care (an organization for adults and children with learning difficulties). He made aliyah to Netanya in December 2012 where he has re-invented himself as a tour guide having just completed a two-year tour-guiding course at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is married to Barbara who is the recently appointed Chair of Esra Netanya and has a son Aaron in Ramat Chen, Tel Aviv and a daughter Merav in Liverpool, England. 

The Roman Gate

View of Wingate Institute

As we enter this year of Shmitta* my mind is inextricably dr...
The intrepid seniors setting out (from l to r) Garry Bregman, Ian Goodriche, Stephen Kliner, Lawrence Bertfield, David Raffel and Jamie Aaron Shapiro

The gang in waterproof gear

Montfort Fortress as seen from Goren

The Pillar at Nahal Amud

At the trail end David stretches out to touch the Kineret

The Mediterranean at Akhziv

A well-earned rest

Photos by Garry Bregman, David Raffel and Stephen Kline...
The intrepid hikers: Garry Bregman, David Raffel and Stephen Kliner

Nahal Hashofet

Olive press at Hotem HaCarmel

Smiling for the camera: the hikers Stephen Kliner, David Raffel and Garry Bregman

Photos by Stephen Kliner, David Raffel, and Gary Bregman The...
Touring the greenhouses at Talmei Yosef

Coo, look at that ... Candy Bliss, one of the members on the ESRA trip, who were invited to race homing pigeons at Shvil HaSalat, a demonstration farm

The memorial which stands in memory of the heroic Battle of Negba

Trippers enjoying a picnic in a sea of scarlet anemones (kalaniyot) at Be’er Marva

As I write, sitting in perfect self-isolation in my Netanya ...
Zvi Brenner in the Special Night Squad

Zvi Brenner with Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion

Family man ... Zvi with his children

Zvi with Orde Wingate’s son Jonathan at a memorial to Wingate in Kochav HaYarden

Who helped shape the birth of our nation  Photos from t...
Ali regaling stories of Bedouin life

Descending carefully into Tel Sheva's reservoir

If ESRA Netanya's March trip to the Golan set out against a ...
The Golan Synagogue, known as Umm el Qanatir, at Ein Keshatot

Despite the wet and windy weather of the previous week, and ...
Cowgals Gill Cole, Candy Bliss, Carole Kaye and Barbara Kliner dressed for the part. Photos by Stephen Kliner & Gill Cole

Caller Cyrelle Soffer

Enjoying the barn dance

The smell of soup on the boil and hot dogs being kept warm o...
Way to go ... studying a map before setting off on the car rally are (from left) Candy Bliss, Barbara Kliner, Gill Cole and Carole Kaye. Story and photo by Stephen Kliner

At 09.30 am on a balmy Wednesday, September 13th, 33 people ...
The tree with branches everywhere ... the sycamore in Netanya’s HaShikma Garden. Photo Credit: Avishai teicher, via Wikimedia Commons

Modern mosaic of the sycamore

If trees could talk, the Etz HaShikma (the Sycamore) of Neta...
The 1912 letter asking for the money to be returned

I recently obtained my Israel Tour Guide license. During the...
Illustration by Denis Shifrin

How the London Times reported the tartan story

While Britain is immersed in arguments for and against Brexi...
Jewish Glasgow – An Illustrated History By Kenneth Collins, Harvey Kaplan and Stephen Kliner

Artist Hannah Frank and friends at a Glasgow Jewish Students Society Group camp in the Scottish village of Wemyss Bay in 1930

Abraham Hertz of Pollokshields c1950. It this time private sets of arba minim were a rarity in Glasgow

 A book in the making As I write, we are celebrating th...