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Sholom Weinfeld was born and raised in the garden state [New Jersey]. He was always encouraged by his teachers to write and after graduating from Somerville High he hitchhiked around the country and tried college before moving to Greenwich Village where he worked as a cook and wrote for various local rags. Following a bizarre kitchen accident, he enrolled in the Rabbinical College of America [Morristown, N.J.] and became a Baalei Teshuva.

Currently, he sells insurance for food and enjoys writing. His pieces have been published in "Nishei Chabad" and "Mishpocha" magazine. He has self-published several books and is currently at work on a novel.

His hobbies include writing, cooking, and gardening. He is the entertainment director of his local Young Israel synagogue. He is married with two grown kids, one of whom lives in Israel.

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