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Serah Beizer (Schubak) made Aliyah from Finland in 1975 after having spent a Hachshara year on Kibbutz Lavi.  She was later a founding member of Kibbutz Beit Rimon. Involvement in informal Jewish education brought her to work for Bnei Akiva and the Jewish Agency. Her last position before retirement was running the Resource Center at the Education Department of the Jewish Agency.

She holds a BA degree in International Relations and an MA in Contemporary Jewry (Jewish history, modern period) from the Hebrew University. She has a Teacher’s Certificate from the Kerem Institute, Jerusalem.

Upon meeting some former prisoners of war, who had been in captivity in Finland during WWII and moved to Israel from the FSU, she started researching the fate of Jewish POWs in Finland during the Continuation war. She did part-time research at the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research and visited archives in Finland. She is in contact with Finnish and other scholars and in the last decade there has been an increase in research on the treatment of POWs in general and on Jewish POWS in particular. She was interviewed about Finland’s tarnished image during the Holocaust by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) here, and has published  A Short History of the Jews in Finland (with co-author Meliza Amity) and The Transfer of Jewish POWs to Germany.