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Norma Klaff Altman was born and educated in Cape Town, South Africa. She attended Ellerslie School in Sea Point Cape Town and studied Art the Michaelis School of Fine Art and Psychology at the University of Cape Town. In 1969 Norma and Michael, her husband, came to live in Israel with their two and a half month daughter. They attended an ulpan in Netanya, then lived in Jerusalem for 12 years, moved to Herzliya and since 2011 have been living back in Netanya. Full circle! Norma taught English to kids and adults but her best place of work was at the Open University when she taught diplomat families the customs of the countries they were moving to (her idea). The feedback was very good as it was interesting and helpful for the whole family. She loves to sculpt and photograph. Both Norma and Michael are very active volunteers in ESRA. Says Norma: "Since moving back to Netanya ESRA has become a fulfilling and fun part of our lives." The Altmans three children live in Israel and so Norma and Michael are also full time grandparents to seven grandchildren from 4 to 18 years old.
Ramle ... the last resting place of Private Harry Potter

The White Tower

Rowing in the underground reservoir, The Pool of Arches

To millions of children around the world he's the hero of a ...
Mikve Yisrael - old gate on to the highway (Photos: Mike Altman)

Women working in the fields in Rishon

Rishon's first synagogue

Inside the Agam Museum

Rishon's Memorial Park

 Our group of ESRA explorers from Netanya, joined by a ...
The prisoners’ courtyard at Akko Prison

The gallows at Akko prison

The refectory of the Crusader Hospitaller fortress

Early on November 21, 2017, a day the weatherman had promise...