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Myra Olswang was born in South Africa and studied librarianship at Wits. She immigrated to Israel with her husband, Les, in 1968.

Myra worked for many years as the librarian in the Ramat Hasharon High school, and later as the Information Officer at Scitex/Creo/Kodak. In her last position at Kodak Myra was the webmaster for the Kodak worldwide Intranet.

Myra has 3 children and ten grandchildren who keep her happily busy.

She is now the volunteer webmaster for ESRAmagazine.

An Israeli girl has a Zoom chat with a Chinese youngster

COVID-19 has swept through Israel and is causing havoc with ...

The girls’ notice board in the grocery store

Photos by Einav Olswang How ingenious youngsters got to grip...
Flowers brought by the children of Birzai and put on the mass grave in the forest

The memorial wall with names of the victims cut out on the metal sheets (Photo: Merunas Jukonis)

Myra Olswang’s family gravestone uncovered in the cemetery

On June 16, 2019 about 500 people gathered in Birzai, Lithua...
Myra working on the ESRAmagazine Website

As visitors to the ESRAmagazine website know, every article ...
Imposing ... The Okinawa Institue of Science and Technology. Photo: Copyright OIST

On the map: Okinawa

The Himeyuri monument in Okinawa. Photo: A-gota-Wikipedia

Traditional and colorful ... the Ryuku dancers in Okinawa Photo: Myra Olswang

In the spring of 2015, at the conclusion of an organized gro...

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