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Harry D. Wall writes, photographs  and produces videos about Jewish life and heritage around the world.  For more reportage, see and /JewishDiscoveries 

Sousa Mendes with Rabbi Chaim Kruger, June 1940

Hans and Margret Rey — Sousa Mendes Visa recipients who created the Curious George books

Sousa Mendes Square in Jerusalem, organized by the Sousa Mendes Foundation

By Arthur Berger and Harry D. Wall Photos: Courtesy Sousa Me...
The cover of John Barry’s book The Great Influenza

Alice Wolowitz

Alice’s brother Norman Wall (left) and his nephew Melvin Wall

Alice Wolowitz’s final resting place

A granite bench in Kehilat Israel cemetery dedicated to Alice’s memory

Photos and research: Jay Wall For millions of Americans, the...
Suszanna Santana Sadi, youth leader of the Havana Jewish Community

Paying respects ... Fidel Babani Leon at the Jewish cemetery in Havana

A tightly-knit Jewish community whose members escaped the Sp...
Manuscript in the Etz Haim Library, Amsterdam. Story and photos by Harry D. Wall

The philosopher Spinoza

The interior of Amsterdam’s Portuguese Synagogue

The Jewish cultural district of Amsterdam

A visit to Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam requires a s...