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Georgina Gilman was born in London, UK. She went to Streatham Hill and Clapham
High School for Girls.
She started dancing at age 3.5. She trained at the Associated Arts School, Wimbledon and then
spent three years at the Royal Ballet School London (1963 – 1966). She also danced with the
Wuppertal Buhnen ballet company, Germany. Upon her return to England in 1968, Georgina
performed in pantomime as Good Fairy and Principal Dancer, as well as in summer season. At
the same time, she began teaching ballet for the Italia Conti School of the Arts. 
Georgina has a B.Phil.Hons degree in Ballet and Contextual Studies through the Royal Academy
of Dance (validated by Durham University), and a teaching Diploma from the RAD.
In 1973 she married Ariel Yacobi from Israel. After her marriage she started her own RAD based
ballet school in Harrow, where the Yacobis lived for some years, whilst simultaneously spending
some time in Israel to acclimatize. During these periods Georgina taught company class for the
Israel Ballet and then in their school.
The Yacobis returned permanently to Israel in 1983. Georgina continued to teach for the Israel
Ballet until 1988 when she began teaching at the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Kfar Saba,
where she is now Senior Ballet Mistress. In addition, for 20 years, from 1991 to 2012, Georgina
had a performing career with the Israel Ballet as a Character Artist.
In 2017 Georgina started volunteering as an ESRA English tutor in Tel Aviv. She also volunteers
in organizing events for the RAD Israel branch. 
Georgina and Ariel have been very happily married for 46 years. They have three sons and six
grandchildren all living near them in Israel.

Georgina Yacobi with a student

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