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Frank and his wife are from the USA where he did hiking, mountain climbing and bicycled 2400 miles through Europe in 1957. He has an undergraduate and graduate degree.

He and his wife, Charlotte, worked thirty years on the Island of New Guinea with the international linguistic organization, SIL International, researching and writing about the little known Faiwol language. Frank continued his graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma in 1976 specializing in literacy methods and training as a literacy consultant with SIL International

for using those skills as a literacy consultant. They started a vernacular education and reading program for the Faiwol people and provided oversight of the production of literature in the Faiwol language.

After retiring from SIL International he and his wife formed a non-profit organization, Zion Pathways, in 2003. With this they began they began their extensive study visits to Israel.

Between the years 2005 through 2008 they led study groups to Israel, supported Israel and the Jewish people, and promoted helpful info for those in New Guinea translating the Tanakh into several of the 800 languages in that country.

The highlight of their visits to Israel was their 225 fifteen day walk of the Mediterranean Coast from Rosh HaNikra to Ashkelon. This led to his authoring the book, Footsteps For Land, published in 2009.

While Frank’s wife was a student at Ariel University for two years, Frank continued his journalism by visiting many Jewish settlements in Samaria and writing several news releases that were published in Arutz Sheva and during his time published his second book, The Face of Samaria, including a history of the settlement movement, settlement pioneers’ interviews, and descriptions of the settlement quality of life.

During 2013 Frank and his wife converted to Judaism and made aliyah in 2014. They are now residing in Arad where Frank continues his writing and leads an English speaking group in Arad known as ACES (Arad Community of English Speakers) which cooperates with ESRA in Beer Sheva.

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